The kind of friend who makes others fond of good things

It’s such a beautiful thing, the way that friends influence our lives.  I’ve known I needed to get a library card of my own for quite some time now.  In the summer, one of my boys enjoys listening to audiobooks while he reads along.  In fact, the discovery of audiobooks has changed his entire attitude toward reading.  But the first summer we tried it, we were buying them on Audible and other online platforms.  Then one day, I was looking for a title that was a little harder to find and my search returned a result showing our local library had that audiobook available to check out.  I’m not sure how I’d somehow missed the fact that public libraries offered digital audiobook rentals, but I was thrilled to find out.

Except that I didn’t have a library card.

I “phoned a friend” named Dad, and asked to borrow his library card.  Within a few minutes we were set up and reading along with this particular book.  This fabulous new way of life has carried on ever since, instilling a new love for reading in my boy.

I’ve been freeloading off my Dad’s library card ever since. 

But this year I met Ellen, and every time I think of her, I’m reminded that I don’t have a library card. (not because of her, of course, because of my own guilty conscience)  In fact, at the last GNO, with a guilty look on my face, I asked her if she can look up people’s library cards.  She laughed and questioned my overdue book status.  I died as I told her that my status was worse than overdue books!  She was so kind and gracious, there wasn’t a single drop of judgement in her eyes.  I’ve thought, many times since then, that we should run up to the library to open our own account, but as soon I do, some sort of scheduling conflict gets in the way, and we’ve just never done it.

Until last night.

In my desperation to mail a (Christmas!!) gift, I decided to try to do it while Noah was at soccer.  My search for a nearby postal service led me straight in the front doors of the Frisco Library.  The post office inside was already closed, but instead of running back out the door to find the next closest place, I did something better.  Something even more overdue than that gift I need to mail. I became an official card-carrying member of the Frisco Library.

Thanks to Ellen. 

My “guilty” conscience never seemed to be enough motivation to get me up to the library.  But Ellen’s love for people and her love for the library was all the motivation I needed.  I needed a library card of my own, since we would sometimes block up Dad’s ability to rent his own audiobooks.  But Ellen made me want a library card.  I was never really a “reader” growing up, so time in the library was more of a chore, than a joy.

But simply knowing Ellen, makes me fond of the library.

What’s a time in your life that a friend positively influenced you in an important way that changed you for the better?  In a loving way, that instigated you to take an action that was good for you?

What’s something in your life you’re grateful for today, that you never would have discovered without the influence of a friend?

Thank her for that today.

Then, as you go about your life this weekend, be intentional about becoming the kind of friend who makes others fond of good things . . . simply by your love.

“The value of love will always be stronger than the value of hate.” (or apathy) Franklin D. Roosevelt

to more love,


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