There’s something really intimate and beautiful about sitting on the sofa with your sister.

On your comfortable sofa, you laugh and sometimes cry.
It’s a safe place to share your hopes, dreams and even your fears.
Most of all, with a sister on your sofa, you know you’re never alone.

“I’m going to sit right here beside you as long as you need me to"
is the unspoken message you both hear loud and clear.

That’s why we created this video podcast show called, "Sisters On Your Sofa.”

Even if you don’t have a real-life sister, these inspiring conversations are like the ones we’d all love to have with a wise, big sister by our side. Crystal chats it up with wholehearted women, discussing timely topics with authenticity, wisdom and grace.

If you could use a sister’s shoulder and presence in your life, tune in to join us.

See you on your sofa, Sister!