Why You Need a Girls Getaway & What’s In Store

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Crystal’s quick 1-minute recap of “Why you need this girls trip getaway” on HeartStories Instagram

In Texas, we’ve been waking up to 54-degree mornings this week, which is most definitely the sign of “coffee date” weather! Even though I don’t actually drink coffee, I’ve been intentionally setting aside little time slots right after all my morning school drop-offs, for 1:1 “reconnection coffee dates” with some of my besties this month, and what I can tell you is this:

1.  It’s been AMAZING and literally FILLING MY EMPTY CUP.

2.  If we aren’t careful, we could stay ALL DAY!  

It’s NEVER enough time.

Right?  I know you know this feeling. In fact, ironically, it’s the reason I’ve hesitated to do coffee dates during the workday in the past, because I know I’ll want it to go on forever instead of getting any work done!  So in these recent coffee dates, we’ve literally set a timer to hold the boundary for us, so we aren’t late for our next meeting! 
Let me just say, when that timer goes off, it’s as bad or worse than the shriek of the morning alarm piercing the dark silence!  We’re inevitably right in the middle of the good stuff, really feeling seen and heard, tearing up, or enjoying a deep belly laugh.  So that alarm is a dreadful, terrible sound that means the end of something really amazing.

And it leaves me longing for our next time together.  

As we try to wrap up our catch-up, which really needed to be three hours longer, we scramble to schedule something for next time as we’re walking out the door.  But it doesn’t actually end up getting scheduled because the phone is now ringing and we’re off to the races for the workday.  

Sound familiar?

Just when things are getting good, duty calls!  It’s one thing or another and you have to go before you’re ready, still longing for more of that good soul-level friendship that always leaves you wanting more.  

Well, that’s what this HeartStories girls trip is all about.  

It’s been too long since most of us have gotten away from it all with girlfriends.  We’ve done the family trips, and in fact, I saw a stat this week that said  91% of Americans are planning holiday travel . . . with family.  And that’s fantastic.  I am so glad we’re getting to a place to be able to travel with our families again. But in the middle of all of this “getting back to normal” stuff… we’ve already misplaced the priority to take care of ourselves and connecting with the women who love us and remind us we’re never alone.  

How do I know? 

1.  Because I live it. 

2.  Because you’re telling me.  

The consistent feedback I’ve been hearing is how important this trip is. That it is a need, not a want.  Ladies aren’t saying, “Oh, sure… Mexico sounds cool.”  They’re sighing an audible sigh, saying “You have NO Idea how bad I NEED this trip!  I have to FIND A WAY to get there.”  The more we talk, the giddier I get. Because it’s not a 3-hour stop-in GNO.

It’s an investment in your restoration.

What does rest or restoration look like to you right now?  What do you need?

Seriously, I want you to visualize it. 

Stop whatever you’re doing right now just for a minute.  Close your eyes with me.  Visualize yourself resting.  Your mind at ease.  Release your worries.  Intentionally release everything that doesn’t bring you joy in this moment.  Feel the tension in your shoulders relaxing.  Feel the deep breath filling your lungs.  Feel your heart filling with hope.  Your body feeling grounded and connected to yourself.  Embrace the feeling of being supported by the people who love you most.  Notice yourself feeling grateful.  Now in this space feel the pure JOY bursting out from deep inside you.  Visualize your cup absolutely filled to overflowing.   

What does this space look like for you?

Where are you?  What are you doing?  Who is with you? How long has it been since you’ve felt your cup overflowing like this? 

That space – that is the reason for this trip.  

Whatever rest, restoration, and filling your cup looks like, we’re making space for that.  Whatever that means for you I’m going to guide you to get it there.

And as always, remind you that you’re never alone.

For a long time, I’ve been creating and facilitating experiences to inspire joy, connection, and rest for busy women – so many of you.  For over 8 years – it’s been the focus of ALL of my professional effort, to connect you and serve you in this way.  Along the way I’ve learned a thing or two.  Taking a girls trip with you has been on my “bucket list” for years because I know firsthand just how connecting that dedicated time with your people, away from ALL the worries and distractions and BUSY of everyday life can be.  I’m so thrilled to get to continue to be your “friendship guide” in this brand-new way! 

I know this trip isn’t for everyone, we all have different circumstances in life.

And that is okay.  We will gather again in different ways at different times.  But what I do know is that I am overflowing with such incredible rising energy that the women who go on this specific trip, at this specific moment, are all meant to experience something incredible.  It’s a feeling that keeps getting stronger with every conversation I have about the trip. 

Something so special is brewing and I can’t wait to be part of it with you. 

Seriously though, If you have a husband you need to consult about this trip, he might be hesitant about you going because life is easier for him when you’re home. THAT’S A GIVEN!

But Sister, you have to hold a boundary for yourself, when you need it and you know it.  

You will come home a better mom for your kids and wife for him. Because truly, the statistics on the lasting effects of even short periods of experiencing intense joy and connection are profound.  

And only YOU are in charge of caring for your emotional experience. Only you. 

Taking ownership of that is one of the greatest human gifts. Put it on the family calendar.  Trust that the kids will be fine.  If this is the right trip for you, trust that the details will work out.  

The details will work themselves out.   

Once you book the trip with us and get to the airport, you won’t have to worry about another single thing. We have handled everything! We’ve reserved the flights, airport transfers, luxury 5-star, gourmet, all-inclusive accommodations, and activities.  You can enjoy morning yoga, cooking class, makeup tutorials, mini-facials, snorkeling, kayaking, meditations, games, intimate storytelling, hand-stamped intention-setting jewelry, and so much more (or less if you so choose). And the added options of spa treatments, and photoshoots!  Vanessa Corral will be set up for professional lifestyle mini-sessions or “sister-friendship” photo sessions on the beach, along with Ginger Bay, who will give your face and hair that natural beachy glow!

Everyone has a different rest/vacation pace.

If you want to sit on the beach and read your book along with your bestie, perfect!  Want to giggle and laugh and stay up all night?  You got it! Or maybe for you, it’s 50/50!  

Either way, we’ll have what you need. 

Vanessa Corral, our fab girls night photographer, is taking her mom! She’s been wanting to take her on a mother-daughter trip for so long and just couldn’t get it planned, so they’re going with us because all the planning is already done.  

Rest from the past year and a half. 

Be rested before the holidays arrive.  Come home feeling rested, connected, and filled up. Feeling lighter, and Able to see your life in a new light through the lens of more hope, more joy, more love.  

Whatever that picture is of rest for you, it’s there for you.

Starting at the gate in the airport, if you’re up for it, I’ll guide you to release tension and set intentions for the trip! We’ll take a long, deep breath.  We’re releasing the tension of everything up until that point of arrival.  We’re leaving your worries at the gate. They’ll be here when you get back. Then we’re setting your intentions for what you want for the trip, what energy you want to bring and create on the trip.  Then you’re going to manifest them!

Don’t just go sign up for this trip.  Make it a declaration. 

Make it a declaration of war against every hesitation, worry, or default excuse whispering that life can’t go on without you here, or especially the idea that you don’t deserve restoration.  Replace that story with gratitude that you can and will say yes to the invitation to restoration with hope-filled expectation, whatever that looks like for you.   

Beauty, refreshment, and longings for rest fulfilled. 

Your heart filled, with joy. Restoration for your mind, body, soul, and friendships.  Peace and healing from the salt in the water and toes in the sand.  Smell the fragrance of joy.  Breathe deeply.  Laughter.  Feeling lighter.  

We’re creating the space for JOY with all the planning, meals, connection, and activities planned for you.  

If that wasn’t enough. . . wait! There’s more!

You’ll get a swag bag worth over $500 filled with amazing goodies you can use on the trip, like Luxury skincare products and sunscreen from Esperance Aesthetic Wellness. 

But there are only 3 days left to register.  So sign up today!  

It’s time to make space for JOY!

I hope to see you in Mexico, Sister!

to more love,


P.S. If you’re already inside our private HeartStories Sisters Facebook group you may have seen the hilarious start to the longer version live video that I did there talking about this very thing.  I thought it would be cute to wear my sunglasses and hat throughout the talk.  But I learned that things like that don’t always turn out as cute as you think they will.  If you haven’t seen it, you can check that video out right here for some laughs and a good lesson about wearing sunglasses while filming!

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