Miserable?  Or happy and strong? 

My incredible niece Sophia turned 16 last week.  Per family tradition, all the local family gathered to celebrate over the weekend, including Great Grandma, whom we’re thrilled is now “local”.  Instead of a fancy birthday cake, Sophia wanted to celebrate with French macarons.  They were an absolutely beautiful display of color and perfection.  Exactly the right touch for a girl who is entering her adult years of life.  But when we’d all gathered in the living room to sing the traditional “Happy Birthday” song while Sophia blew out the candles, those macarons presented a little challenge.

They were almost too delicate to hold even the toothpick style “16” candles. 

What I noticed at that moment, was that instead of frustration, or angst of any kind, the room was filled with laughter.  There were giggles from all the kids and oohs and ahhs from all the grown-ups.  Even when the pass off didn’t work, leaving Kim with a face full of smoke on the blowout, she went laughing (and choking) all the way back to the kitchen.  The moment could have been full of frustration, with all the failed attempts at a perfect birthday song.  But instead, it was full of happiness and joy.

“Happiness is an attitude.  We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong.  The amount of work is the same.” ~Francesca Reigler

This has been a central theme of my own learning and growing recently.  It’s a central theme always, but I’ve been thinking about it more intentionally recently.  It’s so much easier said in a cute little quote, than it is to actually practice in the daily moments of life.  I know which choices will lead to misery later down the road and which choices lead to happiness, and strength.

It’s that split-second reaction that determines the outcome of the moment.  

What if you could catch yourself in that moment, with a mental check-in question?

Do I want to be miserable or happy and strong? 

Sometimes, simply pushing pause on your habitual reaction is all your brain needs to have time to make the better choice.

Miserable?  Or happy and strong? 

Only you can determine your attitude. . . even in the little things, like delicate macaron problems.

Especially in the little things. 

to more love,



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