Meet Our Team

We’re women juggling career and family, just like you!

At HeartStories, we exist to provide joy-filled experiences that make it easy to connect
with your girlfriends no matter what is demanding your time and energy.

Meet Crystal Gornto

HeartStories Founder and Chief Love Amplifier

HeartStories was born out of Crystal’s passion to help women to hear Love louder than all the negative noise in their lives. Through HeartStories, Crystal is determined to create fun, innovative ways to connect women with more joy and purpose, even in the middle of the hardest seasons of life.

When she’s not focused on HeartStories, she can often be found exploring the great outdoors, snort-laughing with her girlfriends, cherishing time with her extended family, or investing every last ounce of her energy and all her love into her two teen boys (and their friends).

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The Doers, Makers, Thinkers & Dreamers

Amy Dearden

Administrative Assistant

Meaghan Dawson

Community Cultivator

Sarah O'Dell

Video Production

It’s hard to prioritize fulfilling friendships
- we get it.

If you’re like us, it’s hard to find time to invest in relationships with your girlfriends when your days are filled to the brim with the responsibilities of career and family. You’ve probably wondered how in the world you can practically grow meaningful friendships with everything on your plate.

The reality is you weren’t made to navigate life on your own. When you have a group of girlfriends you can count on for the good, bad, and ugly of life, you can confidently navigate just about anything.

That’s why we believe investing in deep friendships shouldn’t feel like a luxury or one more thing on your long list of obligations.


We’re committed to helping women like you cultivate deep friendships. You can stop feeling like you’re shouldering everything on your own and instead, surround yourself with women who will speak truth and love to your soul.

It’s so simple:

  • 1. Sign up for one of our connecting Girls Night experiences
  • 2. Gather your girlfriends for an evening of fun & connection
  • 3. Enjoy feeling refreshed, encouraged, connected & inspired

Life is not slowing down and it’s too hard to navigate alone. You deserve to experience the joy brought on by the bond of sisterhood – and have some fun in the process!

Come Work With Us!

We may not always have an immediate opening, but it feels like we’re always hiring! We’re certainly ALWAYS keeping an eye out for passionate hard-working women who believe in what we’re doing, for both paid and volunteer positions. If you’re looking for meaningful work that makes a difference in the world, we’d love to chat with you about joining our team!

You can always apply for open job postings here!

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