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Each month, at Girls Night Out, we highlight a woman who has created something interesting with her life –and an entire event is built around that amazing woman and her business! The female entrepreneur shares her story with our audience–and then leads us through her brand of experiential content.

What is HeartStories?

About HeartStories

Most women struggle to find time to cultivate meaningful friendships because of all the demands on their time and energy. At HeartStories, we provide a joy-filled Girls Night Out experience that makes it easy for women to connect with girlfriends for a night of fun and refreshment.

Girls Night Out Made Easy

To support those who “do it all,” we throw a monthly GNO made easy. It's like a mini retreat, in the middle of the week. Women leave our Girls Nights feeling rejuvenated, connected & inspired, and ready to tackle their busy lives with more joy and a deeper sense of purpose.

The Live Streamed Event

Our typical format involves HeartStories founder, Crystal Gornto, interviewing the guests in her living room--in a relaxed, candid style allowing our Featured Guest to openly share her story. In the last hour, the Featured Guest leads the women through her experiential content.

Meet Our Audience



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~ 75% Between Ages 25 – 54​

~ 90% Female

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Featured Guest Benefits

Live Event

  • Featured Guests and their businesses receive an enormous amount of professional promotion for their business as the entire event is centered around them.  The Featured Guest interview with Crystal is played during the event and the Featured Guest leads the entire group through a workshop tailored specifically to her brand.   

Photo &
Video Assets

  • Every Featured Guest receives a professional video and photo shoot held in Frisco, Texas with you and your products, doing your thing, to create promotional video and photography assets to be used in promoting the event.  
  • These assets will be generously provided to you with the request that you credit our photographer in your future use of the photos.  (Video assets are yours!) 

Social Media

  • Featured Guests and their businesses will be prominently featured as part of our social media promotion of the event.  The logo and photos will be incorporated in posts on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.  Please visit our Facebook and Instagram Accounts to understand the quantity and quality of promotion each event receives.  

Media Channels

  • Our Founder, Crystal Gornto will conduct a feature interview with you on our show “Sisters On Your Sofa,” aired on Facebook and IGTV. 
  • Your business profile with logo included on the HeartStories GNO Sponsor Directory for the month of the event with background on your company.
  • Multiple features in our national weekly email  newsletters are sent out in advance of the event, including the Featured Guest logo and a photo. 

Cost to Participate

There is no fee for you to participate in the event!  Each attendee purchases a ticket to attend, or has purchased a VIP Membership.  

If applicable, we would be happy to work with you to determine mutually beneficial wholesale/partnership pricing for the event to cover the cost of kit and shipping of the products.  

Let's Connect!

We would love to get to know you and chat about how we can partner together!  

Email us at connect@heartstories.com