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This is what it looks like when you have a “black ops” renegade on the loose at HeartStories Holiday GNO.  Meet my beautiful friend Ellen (you might know her from the Frisco Public Library).  In a crowd she might, at first, seem a little shy or soft spoken, but set her free with some holiday greenery, ribbon, and red headphones, and a reindeer she will be!  While in the middle of a heated, team competition to make reindeer antlers out of pantyhose and balloons, Ellen decided that one set of supplies per table clearly wasn’t enough.

She looked around, and quickly realized that there were other available options.  

I didn’t see it in time to call it out, live at the event.  But oh, I see it now.  Ellen wins first place for most creative and resourceful antler design!  She’s clearly my kind of ruckus maker.   Recognizing that the limited amount of supplies would limit her opportunity to provide value, she took it upon herself to play a different game.  Rather than just sitting there, watching others participate, she forged her own path.

Won’t you just look at that peace and joy on her face? 

It’s easy to find yourself in a situation where you feel limited by outside constraints.  At first glance it appears, that given the cards you’ve been dealt, there’s nothing you can do.  Life is happening to you and you just  have to roll with it.  Please let this image of Ellen be a stark visual reminder to you, especially over the holidays, that you can make your own way.

Sure, there are constraints that are beyond your control. 

There are timelines and traditions and families to spend time with.  AND given all of those things, you are free to look around you and see how you can make your own way within them.  This is incredibly important for those of us entering the holidays with different ideals than some of the folks we’ll be celebrating alongside.  Go visit family on a different timeline than the rest.  Take a little break (or two) in the room where you’re staying to read or write a letter of gratitude to a friend.  I don’t know what your inner “renegade ruckus maker” needs over the next two weeks, but if you’ll pay attention, you do.

If you’re feeling stuck, left out, or suffocated at any point this holiday season, remember Ellen.

Look around.

You can stay engaged, AND take it upon yourself to play a different game. 

to more love,


P.S.  It’s hard to imagine, but tomorrow marks 2 weeks out from our “Dream Catchers GNO” on January 3rd!  Which means a ticket price increase from the special early bird pricing!  Mark your calendar to come put some positive closure around 2018 and light a flame under some new dreams for 2019 and get registered today.  Can’t wait to dream with you then.

fabulous image credit to: Miranda Longoria Photography

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