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This mantel, it’s like a dream right?  It’s Pinteresty perfect with its clean white lines and minimalist style.  The simple, subtle decor make it right on trend.  It’s heaven. . . to most women right now.

But as I may have mentioned in the past, I need COLOR!

That one little blue vase just isn’t going to cut it for me.  I see this mantel, and love it.  Then when I instantly feel my need for vibrant color bubble up in me, I feel out of style.  I start to think I’m just not hip enough, or modern enough in my taste.

Enter Kirsten


I introduced you to her briefly earlier this week, right here.  Kirsten is our featured guest at the HeartStories GNO in two weeks and I’m so excited to tell you why.  Not only is she incredibly strong, talented, intelligent and compassionate, she has such an incredible story to share with us.  She has such unique perspective on allowing design to serve you, as opposed to all the rat-race and pressure of chasing the Pinteresty perfect house.  She loves helping people get rid of things that don’t matter.

To Kirsten, decorating is about bringing people together and allowing your home to tell your story.  

“We are the first generation of moms who grew up having Pinterest.  That can be a blessing or a curse. The decor in your home is not about what looks pretty to other people, it’s about reflecting who you are.  Because for women, our home is the heart of our life.  My goal is to help women release judgement of the things like and are passionate about, because just being you is most important.” ~ Kirsten Lile

She’s paying attention to the bigger issues at play here.  

She’s getting to the heart of design.  And she is spot on.  It’s like interior design therapy.  I can’t even tell you how much her guidance has educated and empowered me to feel confident in some bold new choices for our home.  Not because I saw them on Pinterest, but because they make me feel alive.

That’s the way to live in every area of your life.

Your life is not about how you measure up and compare to the other women in your circle.  It’s certainly not about comparing yourself to women you don’t even know.

It’s about digging in and celebrating all the things that make you different and unique.

Think about one thing, right now, that has always made you feel a little bit different from everyone else.

I’ll wait. . . 

There’s a gift in there for the world.   I’ve got the cake, you bring the candles.

Let’s celebrate all that makes you unique.  

It’s all part of your heartstory.

to more love,


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