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This house had me drooling every morning while riding the life up the mountain last week.  Not because I have ANY desire to live in a sprawling mansion on a hillside (I certainly don’t), but because of the glass.  And the view.  Every room on this side of the house faces a huge basin in the valley, filled with a stunning frozen lake.

I can only imagine the colorful view in the summertime!  

I was drawn to the house, not because of its prestige, but because I imagined the way I would feel inside that house.  I imagined I would feel calm, rested, one with nature.  Like I’d be sitting in a comfy chair in the room on the ledge, sipping a steaming cup of tea, cuddled up in a warm blanket, laughing with a friend.   The sound of friend’s laughter would echo through all the rooms.

Because this house is big enough for lots of friends, on a getaway.

I don’t see architecture.  I see life.  I hear laughter.  I sense rest.  I feel the energy of deeply connected relationships.  I see a giant party waiting to happen!

For me, design is all about the way I imagine feeling inside.

I’ve never been much for keeping up with the Mrs. Jones’ home on Pinterest.  It would be a failure before I even got started.  I need color and life.  That’s why I’m super passionate and excited about Kirsten, the lead designer at Willow & Blue, sharing with us tonight at the GNO.  She totally gets it.

Design should serve us, not the other way around.

Think about that for a minute.  All the time and energy we put into making our homes beautiful, should bring us life and peace.  Not more frenzy and chaos.

Make your next design choice based on how you want to feel in your home, not how you think others will perceive it. 

Trust me, I’ve learned this the hard way:

Trying to impress your guests, makes everyone feel uncomfortable.  

Being at ease, helps everyone feel welcome.

What makes you feel at ease?  I’d love to know!

to more love, & more welcoming spaces!


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