A different kind of love


We had dinner at my parent’s house last night.  When it was time to go, I had to pry Noah and GrandMaMa away from her curio cabinet like trying to get bears out of honey.  They’d been standing there for what seemed like forever, while GrandMaMa picked up each ‘historic’ item to tell him the story of who and where it came from.

They were really into it.  

Finally, instead of waiting on the couch for them to finish, I got up and walked over to join the fun.  The short amount of time I stood at the cabinet, watching and listening in to the stories, brought back so many memories.  We laughed about the hunt for the treasured “Free Puppies” Precious Moment, that one point had been, the prized possession of our family. But with the years, its value and intrigue had faded.  I asked about a specific pitcher I didn’t recognize and with it came a story of huge significance to our family history, that had been kept secret until now.  In that moment, I was reminded of a truth I often forget.

We all show love in such unique and different ways.  

Dad loves to throw the football with the boys and spend time talking with them about their hopes and dreams.  Mom shows love by teaching and serving.  She makes food and gifts for the kids to enjoy.  Quality time is just not her jam.

It’s easy to forget that love looks different to each of us.

Since it’s the Day of Love, I thought you might appreciate the reminder.  If you’re doing everything you know how to show love and it’s not being recognized the way you expected, take a minute to look at the little chart of The Five Love Languages below.  You can even pop over there with your Love(s) today for a quick and easy free quiz to learn what your love languages are.

Then consider how love might look different to the ones you love.  


If you’re anything like me, a world without quality time = a world without love.

Chances are, you’re probably not just like me, because we all experience love in unique and nuanced ways.  So today, as you seek to show love to the important people in your life,  remember that there are many different kinds of love.

Just because it doesn’t look the way you would show it, doesn’t mean it isn’t love.

Our uniqueness in our love, makes the world go ’round.

to more love,


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