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If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you know we’ve been “in the middle” of a remodel, for over a year now.  It’s closing in on a year and a half.  We’ve lived in the same house for thirteen years and finally decided we might as well just plan to stay.  We thought it’d be a few simple coats of paint, some new countertops, flooring and light fixtures and . . . voila!

But it did exactly work out that way.  

Every little thing we’ve done, has NOT been magic.  It’s felt more like “tragic” would be a better descriptor.  While it’s such a privilege to get the chance to revamp our space, it’s been a long, drawn out toil of love in every way.  The cost of our time and energy, in addition to the monetary spend, has been enormous.

A couple of months ago, I thought we’d finally reached the finish line.  

But oh no.  In a way, the remodel was only the beginning.  It was the catalyst for the realization that all our decor went with the old style.  No problem!  We’ll go minimalist. . . 

Houston, we have a problem.

With our new steel and glass decor, suddenly my warm, cozy home turned into a sterile hospital and I couldn’t breathe.  I needed COLOR.  I needed life!

Kirsten to the rescue!

Kirsten is the founder, of Willow & Blue, a fabulous boutique design firm here in Frisco, TX as well as the all-new Willow & Blue online market.  She’s fabulous, in every way.  Her strength in design (& character) is evidenced by the fact that she’s still working with Scott and I, as far as I know.   Clearly, she’s been trained in family law mediation, as evidence by her charm and grit while we were joyously ‘working together’ to finalize dining room chairs yesterday.  I was watching her out of the corner of my eye and I noticed something.

She’s a fierce advocate for BOTH of us.

She’s able to hold space for my desire to literally blow up brightly colored paint cans in the middle of the room, while engaging Scott in his (more fashionable) desire to simplify and streamline.  She listens intently.  Then she translates in a way that makes both of us feel heard, empowered and in control.  We covered so much ground.  We not only decided on chairs, we decided on a sideboard and art for Scott to create as well!  It took effort, yes.  But it felt so good & productive.  And even FUN!

It was smooth like butter!

There is so much to learn from her about navigating the climate in our country right now.  Maybe even more importantly, about navigating our personal relationships.   When two sides see the world so differently, we have to learn to advocate for the good in each other.  To make progress together, we have to listen.  We must find ways to translate the core of our desires to the other in a way that holds space for them and allows them to still feel empowered and in control.

It’s true, not only in our politics, but in our families, friendships and offices as well. 

When you encounter a contrasting opinion in your life today, lean in and listen a little more closely.  Look for the good.  Search out the heart of the person you’re trying to reach.  If you can’t advocate for their position, advocate for their uniqueness.

Meet on the bridge of their humanity.

Things might smooth out a little bit more like butter.

to more love,


P.S. Kirsten is our featured guest for the March 2nd GNO, Simple, Soulful, Home, Girl’s Night Out.  So be on the lookout!  I’ll be sharing more about her story soon!

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