Hey Mama, meet Fred


There was a moment this week when I was sitting in at my desk, measuring my to-do list against my emotional capacity to get it done, and feeling a bit overwhelmed.  When I looked up this beauty was feasting on the cornucopia of hay that is my front yard at present.  His name is Fred.  Yep, Fred.  😉

He’s a beaut and he’s red (my favorite), but that’s not why you’re meeting him today.

You’re meeting him today because he showed up to remind us to “replace the noise” as we go into our weekend. Our red, heart-shaped headphone logo has been a symbol from the start to remind us to notice to the negative tracks that often get stuck on repeat in our minds.  The headphones are a bright reminder to replace that noise with love for ourselves and others.  That happens more often when we’re connected in consistent community with our girlfriends because they remind us of the truth about who we are.

Back to Fred.

He made a cameo appearance in the filming of our original HeartStories short film introducing the concept of the red headphones.  She just showed right up at the end, in a pivotal moment.  It was a HUGE deal because he was part of the personal story of the gal who created the concept for the film.

When she was very young, she couldn’t talk.

Her parents found out the probably was actually that she couldn’t hear, so they took her to get treatment.  As she was stepping out of the ENT’s office, she heard a loud noise that frightened her.  She immediately squeezed her eyes closed and covered her ears.  Her parent’s pointed to a red cardinal in the tree. He was singing.

She could hear clearly, for the very first time.

Until that point, everything just sounded like muffled noise.  Her story was the basis for all our imagery of the headphones.  When we made it to the end of the filming, seeing Fred up there in the tree felt like a beautiful sign that HeartStories, and this film, were going to help women hear love clearly.

Maybe some for the first time, in a long time.

I know it’s been a busy week for you.

You’ve probably had some moments of questioning whether you were a good enough mom, wife, sister, employee or friend.  You’ve probably questioned whether you were strong enough to make it through all the things that are weighing you down.  You’re probably TGIFing all over the place today.

Take this little sign from Fred as a reminder, that we can help each other.  

Connect with your people this weekend.  Replace that negative noise by going a little deeper than usual in your conversations.  And then, let it go and have a little fun!

Rest, Reconnect and Play!

And remember Fred.

to more love,


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