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I spent my day with these two kind gentlemen yesterday.  Well, not really, but mostly.

For Mother’s Day, Scott (& the boys) got me a soft top for the jeep I inherited when my car passed on to car recycling heaven.  I absolutely love driving the jeep with the top off, but spring in Texas makes it tough to find a consistent stretch of days in the spring without rain in the forecast and removing the hard top is at least a two person job.  The YouTube installation video with these friendly fellows was fifteen minutes, start to finish.  So naturally, I assumed I could whip on that soft top in no time, and we’d be in business.

Also quite naturally, I underestimated the time it would take for me to accomplish this task. 

At different points in the project, I had helping hands from each of my boys and my husband.  I noticed that at first, I was totally fine being by myself.  Their company was nice, but early on, I was feeling sure of myself and not worried about actually needing a hand.

About five hours later, in the darkness of the night sky, (while Scott was inside getting the boys to bed) I got a text from my friend Gina down the street asking me if I wanted to join her for a quick walk.   While I declined, I enlightened her on my current situation in the driveway and of course, she offered to help.  In my stubbornness I actually said, “I think I’m good, but if you want to come be company – that would be fab!” 

Be company?

Who was I trying to fool?  I needed her help!

I was only trying to fool myself.  

Turns out Gina came down.  Between she, and Scott and me, with a blow dryer, we finally got that thing stretched on and clipped down.  Mission accomplished.

It’s funny, in retrospect, how I genuinely thought I could do it alone.  In the dark of the night, I still thought I could pull it off.  But if Gina had not sent me that text, I might still be out there sweating to death in the driveway with my headlamp right now.

It’s true in all of life.  

Sometimes it’s in the darkest nights, we are most resistant to admitting that we need help.  We refuse to share the hard moments, insisting in our stubborn minds that we’ve got this.  Believing we can do it on our own.

When all the while, it might only take a friend showing up with a blow dryer to get us through.

Are you insisting on struggling through a dark night on your own today?

Believe me, it’s not worth it.

Sure, you can probably make it through.  You can survive, because you’re strong.  You’re stubborn. You’re not a quitter.  But why not lighten the load?

What are friends if not to share each other’s burdens?  

Let someone be a friend today.

to more love,



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