Wherever you have loved

Love Remains

Yesterday we traded in the only car the boys have ever known me to drive.   It was quite an emotional experience for this guy.  So we made special trip up to the dealership after school for him to have a moment to say goodbye.  He wanted a chance to sit in each seat, remembering, and take a picture.

There were lots of smiles and few sad tears.

Overall, it was a great experience for him.  It was closure.  It let his little heart know it was okay to love and to let go.  That car will always be full of our love and our memories.  No matter where that car ends up, a part of his love, our love remains.

The whole experience got me thinking.  If it’s true of cars, if it’s true of spaces, how much more true is it of our lives?

A part of you remains, wherever you have loved.

The people you’ve loved and invested your time in, they will never be the same.  Your love has changed them.  It changes the atmosphere in your home.  It changes the heart of your spouse.  It changes the entire world of your child.  It changes the health of your pet.  Your love changes your work and the impact it has on the world.

Anytime you interact with the world, you leave it different from how you found it.

Let your interactions be filled with love today.

Love bravely in the face of fear.  Love boldly in moments of uncertainty.  Love relentlessly in the ache of pain.

The part of you that remains long after today, will be your love. 

Bring it on sister.

to more love,


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