Young, Wild and Free

Young, Wild and Free ~ Crystal Gornto | HeartStories

Last night a group of girlfriends and I celebrated Jennifer’s birthday by picnicking on the lawn at the Arboretum and singing along to The Molly Ringwalds, an 80’s cover band. We laughed hysterically, danced wildly, ate chocolate and tried to make funny GIF’s with the videos from our phones.

For a few hours, we were young, wild and free.  

We celebrated Jennifer with the kind of pure joy and abandon we had as kids.  Yes, of course, we talked about a few adult things, like crazy pregnancy rashes, kids getting in trouble at school, and work related drama, but none of it seemed to get us down.

We were there to celebrate this amazing woman, and nothing could get us down.  

It felt like when we pulled out of our driveways, we left our stress behind.  We didn’t leave our stories behind, only the stress that we attach to them.   And it was such a gift.  Not only for Jennifer, but for all of us.

We don’t do that often enough.

Cognitively, we know the joy that connection brings.  We know the stress-relief that happens when we laugh and cut up.  We know the importance of time with our girlfriends.  But all too often we allow the busyness of our lives to choke out our need for life-giving community with other women.

We can do better.

And I’m going to help.  What you might not know yet is that HeartStories will soon be hosting a local Girl’s Night Out on a monthly basis, for women just like you and me.  No, we probably won’t be dancing wildly at The Molly Ringwald’s concert, but we’ll be laughing, talking, connecting and leaving our stress behind.

We’ll also be growing, by getting out of our comfort zones and into each other’s hearts.  

If you’re local, I can’t wait to meet you there.  If you’re not, my desire is that we create a community strong enough to scale to a city near you.

Until then, wherever you are, make some time this weekend, even if it’s while you’re driving down the road, making sandwiches in the kitchen, or taking your quick mom-shower.  Make some time to dance like no one’s watching.  Sing a little “Pour some sugar on me” at the top of your lungs.   Let go of the stress of your day . . . just for a few minutes.

You are still young, wild and free.

It’s just covered up in a veil of busyness.

Let it go sister.  Your inner GIRL is still in there, and she needs you to remember her sometimes.

We need you to remember her sometimes. 

to more love,


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