So you think you’re hiding.

So you think you're hiding

Yesterday, one of the boys got in the car with this giant sombrero and proceeded to “hide” from me. Yes he was hiding his face, but of course, he wasn’t really hiding.   I knew his clothes, his body, his laugh and even his breathing.  He’s my baby.

Let this giant hat be a big reminder to you today.

You may think you’ve got it all covered up.   Maybe you think you’re hiding your fear, shame or regret.  Maybe you’re hiding sadness, pain or lack of hope.

You’re not really hiding.

Even if we can’t see it in your face, we can sense it.  We can see it in your behavior.  It changes your laughing.  Sometimes even your breathing.

We can see it from a mile away.

So you might as well find a safe place to drop the sombrero and learn to stop hiding.  You’ve gotta get it out.  Whatever you’re feeling, it’s normal.  Life is so busy and sometimes really hard.

Your sombrero may be tall, but your emotions run deep.

You want to know the best way to find a safe place to learn to stop hiding?

Be a safe place.  

Be the kind of friend who shows up with no sombrero and invites others to do the same.  Yes, it’s scary.  Yes, it’s messy.  And yes, it’s hard.

But it’s worth it.

Sombreros are heavy.  They take up a lot of space.  They keep others at a distance.  And let’s just face it, they’re not very cute.

I’m declaring it a sombrero free Tuesday.

Drop the hat sister.  You were never really hiding anyway.

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