Low on Chairs, High on Love


I began hosting the HeartStories GNOs with a dream to pamper, connect, and encourage super busy women.  So it makes sense that it’s difficult to get them to put a pause on their hectic lives and get themselves there to enjoy it.

It’s quite an ironic catch 22.

Last night though, the GNO was packed.  As the ladies began looking for their seats, it quickly became apparent that we’d underestimated attendance.  I could see they were clustered up on the fringes and scrunching up on the benches lining the side of the room.  While it’s usually a good thing to be busting at the seams, the eternal hostess in me was freaking out that anyone might feel left out or forgotten.  So I was relieved to see our team pull in additional chairs.

But strangely, no one sat in them.

They stayed cozied together on the benches and crowed in at the tables.  They were enjoying being close while we explored our personal design style types and laughed about funny childhood memories.  I noticed that the tight proximity of the chairs seemed to make it even easier to push through preconceived judgements and any discomfort of vulnerability.

There was a deeper sense of closeness, a solidarity, in the room that I haven’t felt before.  

With the topic of interior design, we all came looking to find out a little bit more about our individual styles and how to express them.  But what we found, was each other.  And we were side by side.

We may have been short on chairs, but we left high on love.  

Next time you find yourself short on space ~ in the elevator, a restaurant, or the line in the women’s room, I wonder what would happen if you decided to let go of any preconceived judgments about the person next to you.  What might happen if you chose to lean into the awkwardness and look for their humanness?

You might find a deeper sense of connection.  

You might find a friend.

You might even light the world with a little spark of love.

What do you say?  Give it a try?

to more love,


P.S. I took loads of sister selfies before we got started, and then I was having so much fun, I didn’t even grab a single image of our whole smashing group.  So you get just these flowers (so graciously provided by Blue Posy Design), and the lovely ladies in the background.  There will be more soon.  😉

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