Hello Gorgeous!

One of my favorite recent memories is our trip to Orlando in December for my niece Rebecca’s wedding.  It was a real milestone in the family as my big sister, Michelle became the first mother-in-law of the sisters.  I don’t think I realized what a big shift that was going to be, until we were all gathered together in the middle of all the activities.

Until we became the MOB Crew

The day we became the MOB (Mother Of The Bride) crew, everything was blowing up.  The wedding activities were already busy, and life was throwing curve balls right and left.  (The way it often does when you have no margin left to give.)  I would have been completely losing my mind, but I watched my big sister, stay calm, laugh and enjoy those moments anyway.  She was at peace.  She was focused on the purpose.

No wedding weekend crazy was going to get her down. 

So while the electricity was turned off in her Florida home full of guests, we headed out to the blow out bar for a trio of MOB Crew blowouts.  Across the room, in each of our blowout stations, we laughed until the tears rolled down our faces.  And before we left, we each posed under the “hello gorgeous” sign, just for fun.

This image is such a beautiful reminder.  

Of course, Michelle looks gorgeous on the outside, but her heart, her strength, her wisdom, her patience, her compassion, her love, and her grit to keep going, against all odds, are just a few of the things that really make her gorgeous.  She has paved the way for our family of sisters to be more than gorgeous on the outside.  She’s shown us what true beauty looks like in the midst of adversity and trials of every kind.

She is faithful, she is true.  

She is a tender, loving, warrior of a woman.  And that doesn’t happen over night.  It happens over years of practice, prayer, discipline and getting back up, over and over again.  So today, as we celebrate Michelle’s birthday, wherever you may find yourself, in your PJ’s,  yoga pants, business suit, or swimsuit, I hope this story, and this picture of my gorgeous sister, will be an encouraging reminder to you.

All these things you’re going through, they are making you gorgeous.  

I know it may not feel like it.  It may feel like they are beating you up and slowly killing you.  But keep going.  Keep getting back up.  Keep releasing the hurt and holding on to the blessings.

With each step, you are saying “Hello” to a new beginning of a gorgeous YOU!

Look yourself in the mirror today and say, “Hello Gorgeous!”

to more love,



  1. Love this Crystal! All of your sisters are just as beautiful as you both the inside and out! What a great reminder that trials are the things that are making us beautiful on the INSIDE!

    1. Oh Thank you Mel! So kind. And yes! The outside might keep changing against our will 😉 but the inside just keeps getting more beautiful with time. Love you friend!

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