It’s your bike

In the summer of 2015, my crazy friend Britney and I hired 10 interns to work for HeartStories, all at once.  It was completely bananas, and at the same time.  It was so much fun.  One day that summer, we decided we needed to do a photo shoot with all of the interns who could get together.   We set up in the alley behind my house and pulled out all sorts of props, like ladders, fans, chairs, and yes, even a bicycle.

Sam stole the show, trying to ride this bike for the shoot.

If you’ve never tried to ride a bike for a photo shoot, you’re really missing out.  “Come closer, but slower.  Look down.  No, too the side.  You’re too close.  HOLD that . . .”  Sam almost fell over, several times, all the while exclaiming, “I really do know how to ride a bike! I promise!”

It was hysterical.

Eventually we realized that without a motorized camera, you pretty much have to be sitting still on a bike to get a good picture.   (You’re welcome for that free bicycle-photo-shoot tip.)  You never know what kind of good tips you might get off this blog.  😉

Life is a lot like riding a bike for a photo shoot. 

To keep your balance while riding, you have to keep moving.  So if it feels like you’re falling over, and you’ve forgotten what you’ve learned, maybe you need to intentionally stop, breathe, and be still.  Maybe, you need to scrap the photo shoot, and the cute shoes, to get your workout on.  Or maybe, you just need to scrap it all to go for a joy ride with a big “WooHoo!” and ruckus laughter around the block.

You’re probably not planning a bike ride photo shoot anytime soon, but I bet there’s something in your life that feels a little off balance.

Pause for a minute to think about what it is you’re trying to accomplish right now.

Do you need a moment to simply be still?

Do you need to get that bike going, peddle faster, and put in the hard work?

Do you need some intentional space for laughter?

Don’t worry about what the watching world thinks of your bike riding skills. 

Don’t listen to their demands, or their laughter.  It’s your bike.  It’s your ride.  Only you can call the shot on what you need right now.

You know what you need.  

Listen to that.

to more love,


image cred goes to the amazing: Emily Habashy

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