A toast from The MOB Crew

After I arrived in Orlando for the wedding of my niece Rebecca, my sisters and I were walking through a parking lot downtown.  The sun was shining and a beautiful breeze was blowing through our hair.  Right at that moment, we saw the reflection of our little crew in the glass on the side of a building.  We were all walking, almost in sync, in line, side-by-side.  It was like a seen from a  funny movie, just before some ridiculous heist attempt.  We laughed out loud saying, “Look out! Here comes The MOB Crew!”

And thus, The MOB Crew was born.  

My sister was the Mother Of the Bride and we were her crew.  Throughout the wedding weekend, we had her back.  Whatever she needed, whenever she needed it, we got it done.  We got it done with a whole lot of laughter and a little MOB pizzazz (*waves jazz hands*).  At the reception, we were asked to share a few words of encouragement to the couple as a crew, and somehow I got nominated to be the spokesperson.

We whipped out the notes app and jotted down few thoughts. 

We knew the encouragement should be about the marriage relationship, but what kept bubbling to the top for us was the importance of staying deeply connected in friendships outside of your marriage.  So we wrote a toast about that and shared it from the crew.

It’s especially meaningful advice for newlyweds, but it’s essential for you today too.  

“I know you think we’re crazy, and that’s because mostly we are.  We are the MOB crew.  We’re your mama’s people.  We’re the ones who can make her laugh until she snorts and spews her soda, even in the middle of wedding week chaos.  Ashlyn and Luke will someday be your MOB crew, because they’re the people you’ve done your whole life with.  Nobody can replace them. 

Look around you, these are all your people.

But life happens, and friendships fade.  “The only difference between you and us is, we’ve been given time.  And in time, you’ll see . . .” (Nichole Nordeman)

When life gets hard, and it will get hard. . .

You’ll have busy careers, you’ll have babies, finances will be tight. . . unexpected things will happen, in life you’ll have trials, and in those trials you can take heart, because Jesus has overcome the world.  AND he gave you your people to walk beside you so that you can hold each other up in the midst of those trials.

Your bridesmaids, your groomsmen . . . 

They’re the people who know you and love you more than anyone else.  Confide in them. Let them encourage you.  Let them love you.

And most of all, invest in THEM.

Make time for them.  Show up for them.

If we can leave you with anything, we hope we’ve shown you an example of what it looks like to invest in your people, no matter how busy and crazy your life gets.  Invest in your people.  Show up for them.  Stay connected.  Build your own crazy mob crew and stick with them!

It’s an investment you’ll never regret.

to more love,

The MOB Crew

P.S.  This is the whole point of the HeartStories GNOs.  So if you’re local and want a done-for-you way to stay connected to your girlfriends, our Girls Night Out is for you.  We’re getting Holiday Ready together this Thursday.  Come join us.

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