A bath bomb moment

It’s been such a privilege to partner with so many generous, kind, and incredible people on this journey of HeartStories.  They spoil our GNO event attendees rotten and it’s such a beautiful thing.  It’s funny that sometimes I don’t even get a chance meet them or try their products or services for myself.  But after our May, “Off To The Races” Derby-Style GNO party, we had a few of these fabulous bath bombs left over from Alexis at Whipped Up Wonderful, who so generously shared them with each of our attendees. While the boys where helping me unload our Spa Party items into storage they spied these sparkling jewels and pleaded for one of their own.  I agreed that would be fair compensation for their manual labor, and they each tucked one away for safe keeping.

Last night my whole family got to experience this stunning bath bomb.

And no, we didn’t all bathe together.  After a long sweaty day filled with camps and house inspections, we walked in the door late last night and the boys wanted to try their bath bombs!  So we filled the big tub, and dropped one in.  I’ve truly never seen a more beautiful bath bomb.  It spun and sparkled and fizzed, all while filling the entire room with such a wonderful “Mint Julep” aroma! It was a lovely relaxing experience for us all.

Needless to say, bath time lasted longer last night than it has since the boys were babies.

In fact, I don’t even remember the last time they took baths.  But being that this is the last week we’re spending in the home they were born and raised in, that little bath bomb created a wonderful memory for us. (Thank you for your gift to the world Alexis!) One small, seemingly insignificant choice, helped us all slow down, take a deep breath and reconnect with each other in a new way.

What’s a bath bomb moment in your life today?

What’s one little choice you could make to change up your typical, hurried routine with the people you love?   You might not think of it right this moment, but when the chance presents itself, you will.  You’ll have that split second, to make a conscious choice.  Keep going with the normal routine?  Or veer off the beaten path to choose a moment of connection?

Choose connection. 

You may never get that choice again.

Do it. 

to more love,


P.S.  If you’re feeling like you need an incredible bath bomb moment check out Whipped Up Wonderful.  You’ll be glad you did!

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