From yoga pants to a fashion blog, a story of redemption

Alison Lumbatis ~ Get Your Pretty On ~ HeartStories Girl's Night Out

You know when you plop down on the couch with a good friend to catch up on all of life’s crazy and you instantly feel so safe and understood? One of the great privileges of my work is that I get to do that with women I barely know, but when we finish our chat, I feel like I’ve known them my whole life.

I got to do that with Alison Lumbatis of Get Your Pretty On last week and I’ve been dying to introduce her to you ever since.

You guys. This woman is pure light and love. Her heart is GOLD.  In the first couple of minutes of our conversation, she had me at this:

“Everybody has a struggle – I really connect with people who are being real about what their struggles are.” 

Um, yes.  Me too!  I knew she was our soul sister!

There is so much I love about her story, I cannot wait for her to share it with us in real life at Style Night at the October 6th GNO in Frisco, at our fabulous new partner location.   But I wanted to give you a little taste today. . . just a peek into all the goodness you’ll get to experience if you come meet her in person.

Alison is going to take us back to her roots, at the very beginning of her story, during her time with us at the GNO and sister, you will laugh and you will cry.  The story of redemption that her life is weaving is THE most beautiful thing about her ~ I know that might be hard to believe, but it is true.

For today, let’s start with her fabulous business and blog.  

When I named this next GNO, Style Night, you might have been thrilled and excited. . . OR you might have gone running for the hills.  Either way, Alison’s story is for you.


Alison was successful in corporate America, but she wasn’t doing work that fueled her passion.  It left her feeling like a square peg in a round hole.   Add to that, she was working from home, with the privilege (& the curse) of wearing yoga pants daily, and she stopped taking care of herself.   She felt like everything in her life began to snowball and she realized she needed to make a change.

One day, she decided to do something about it. 

But when she looked for style direction from fashion bloggers, she found trends for young supermodels, instead of realistic style direction for a mother like her.  She saw that there was a huge gap in the market for women like her.  So she started her blog, Get Your Pretty On, as a way of keeping herself accountable and sharing her journey publicly to support other women who found themselves in her same situation.

What she realized?

She was SO not alone.  So she took it a step further and began creating seasonal Style Challenges to give women tangible, bite-sized direction to help them get on trend and feel fashionable again.  She added in a Facebook group to make it easy for them support one another.  And girlfriend, they came.  Nearly 10,000 women have now gone through her program.  10,000!!  She’s passing out permission slips, right and left for women to get dressed, look nice and feel great about it.

Alison Lumbatis ~ Good Morning Texas ~ HeartStories Girl's Night Out

She learned quickly that things can start to snowball in the right direction, because when you consistently make one good decision, it’s easier to make another, and another.  Using her style challenges to easily tackle your wardrobe, can make other decisions about eating healthy, exercising, and standing up for yourself in relationships easier as well.

I’m especially excited for her to share what she’s learned about being the mom who stands out because she’s not in yoga pants.  And as a result, her heart for encouraging women to stop criticizing each other for wanting to look good and feel good about themselves.  Actually, I’m just especially excited for her to share her WHOLE story.   You’ll be smitten, just like me.

Because at the end of the day, like all of us.  Her story is about so much more.  

“It’s so much bigger than the clothes and the outfits.  It’s about connection and support.  Most days I can’t comprehend it.  There comes a point in your life where you can either look back at your past and have the blame and shame or say that you’re an adult now and can make decisions from a healthy place.  But doing the work to get there is life changing.”  ~ Alison Lumbatis, founder, Get Your Pretty On

Get registered so you can come see for yourself.

to more love,


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