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At each of our GNOs, we have the privilege of learning the hottest fashion tips from my dear friend and HeartStories sister, Alison Lumbatis, of Get Your Pretty On.  We only met last year, but she’s already been officially adopted as a 5th sister into my family.  And she’s certainly been adopted into our HeartStories sisterhood as our resident Style Expert.  Not only that, she put all her chips in this month, to become our Title Sponsor and offset the cost of ALL the tickets for next week’s GNO by nearly half! (Wahooo!)

This is one of my favorite images by Meggie, from last month’s GNO.  

I’ll show you the close second, below.  But first, let’s talk about why this one wins.  I love this pair of images for all the emotion they contain.  Clearly Alison is in her zone, showing us the ropes by styling that mannequin and she’s having a ball.  But I love that I get to sit in the background taking it all in and hoot and holler from my chair.

I get to witness her wisdom and see her joy reflected in our tribe. 

It’s a beautiful thing when women support each other.  When we drop the preconceived notions based solely on appearance and get real with each other’s hearts.  When we expect the best in each other and hold trusting space for the worst.  I was listening to a podcast the other day by Chantal Pierrat when she made one statement that stopped me in my tracks.  I played it again.

“We all need the wisdom, the witnessing, and the reflection of the tribe.”  

So simple, yet so profound.  We talk a lot about having our tribe, our little village, but many of us are rushing through our everyday lives without our tribe.  Sure, we may see them in passing or sit together during games on the weekends, but we’re not bearing witness to the realities of our lives.  The burdens of our hearts or the joys of being in our zones.

We miss the moments of wisdom we could share. 

Because we’re busy covering up all our vulnerabilities and insecurities.  We’re keeping it all together, to try to look strong. When the strongest thing we can do, is to show up and open up.

To glean wisdom from your sister’s stories, you have to admit you need it.

To witness her journey, you have to be her safe place.

To see the reflection of your story in your tribe, you have to trust them with it.

You need the witness of your tribe.  

To get it, all you have to do is show up.

The real you.

to more love,


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Here’s my second favorite pic.  It’s only second because there’s a little less joy.  But it’s close because I’m downing water (filling my tank) while fist-pump-celebrating whatever my girl is saying in that moment!  We all need at least one pic with a sister cheering us on in the background!  

Get your ticket today to join us next week.  You’ll be glad you did.


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