Anything but “Mom Jeans”

mom jeans

The other day, I was at my friend Holly’s house.  I was supposed to just be dropping her girls off after school, but the boys and I just took our food and all our stuff in and hung out for a while.  What started as a debrief for both of us about all the stress in our lives, turned into her pulling up her Pinterest page to show me meme after hysterical meme.

We were dangerously close to snort laughing.

She said, “This is what I do when I’m stressed and need a laugh.”  And oh my word, she taught me a new life skill.  I have snorted laughing under the covers at night and in my office mid-day.  I have cried tears of laughter in the middle of a stressful situation.  There is just something so good about laughter.


Did you know that when you laugh, endorphins are released in the brain and trigger a feeling of well-being throughout your entire body?  It’s true.  The Proverb that says, “A cheerful heart is good medicine”, is not just a metaphor.  I just don’t seem to remember I can do it often enough.  I can choose, at any point, to pull up Holly’s humor Pinterest board and start laughing.

So this morning, I did. 

Seriously.  I got up and did my morning routine, daily reading, and prayer.  I sat down at my desk and felt like I needed that good medicine.   So I pulled up Holly’s board and right here in the middle of my dark, quiet house.  I laughed and laughed and laughed.  And somehow, I ended up on these memes about “Mom jeans”.

Mom Jeans

Oh my gosh!  I remember these.  

And I can quite honestly tell you, I had NO CLUE they were trying to make a comeback.  I mean, I’ve seen high wasted jeans and realized that was a “thing”, but it was the furthest thing from my mind that they would actually be calling the trend “Mom Jeans”.  So of course, as a concerned citizen and mother of two, I had to share the above meme, to make one thing abundantly clear:

Sisters.  We must band together and make absolutely sure that “Mom Jeans” don’t happen again.

This is what we do.  We protect each other and remind each other to NEVER put Mom jeans on our bodies.  Well, I guess until our current stretchy skinny jeans become “Mom jeans” and then maybe we have to try something new.  But we must trust the expert Moms in this situation!

That’s why I’m so glad God gave us Alison.

Alison started her blog and style challenges as a way to get her mom-self out of yoga pants (and surely, as a way to keep her from wearing Mom Jeans!) and she’s coming to hang out with on Thursday at the Girl’s Night Out.   I’m totally going to ask her about this crazy Mom Jean thing and find out what in the world people are thinking.

Days like this make me thankful for women who are doing what they are meant to do in this world.

It’s not easy (& Alison is going to tell us all about that too), but it’s worth it.  You’ll never know all the lives you touch when you determine to use your gifts and passions to do what only you can do in this world.   We need you.

Now go put on something besides Mom Jeans, please.  For the love.

to more love,


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