Leaving breadcrumbs


This is what Mamas look like on vacation.  We are happy and care free.  We’re walking down a road that leads to who-knows-where.  We’re laughing hysterically and pretending to be super models on the cat walk ~ in our couture gowns.  I think this is not what we look like in our kitchens, living rooms and laundry rooms in the middle of school week.

Not even close.  

There’s something magical that happens when you take intentional time away from your normal, everyday routine to get together with friends.  Really.  You experience laughter and joy that evades you in the daily grind, no matter how much you try to conjure it.  You feel connection and hear stories that remind you, that even in the quiet (or chaos) of your home, you are never alone.  All the noise and stress in your mind settles and makes room for clarity, the kind that makes it easy to see what’s really important.

You find roads in the middle of nowhere. 

And you leave breadcrumbs.  Because those roads?  You’re going to need them later.

One thing is sure.  Life will lead you down unexpected roads ~ The remodel that was supposed to take a couple of months, lasts an entire year.  The scan that always comes back clear, shows something unusual.  The marriage that’s always been a solid rock, takes a blow.  The job you dreamed of doesn’t work out the way you planned.  The friendship you counted on that crumbles in front of your eyes.  The child who’s always been so easy decides it’s time to find out who she is.

That’s when you follow the breadcrumbs. 

That’s when you need the path that leads you back to the tribe of women who walk with you.  The women who know you’re not always one big ball of stress.  The women who know you really do love your kids, even though they are driving you bonkers.  The women who make space at the counter, in the middle of homework crazy, for you to pull up a stool and just be you.

Have you been leaving breadcrumbs on a path that leads you to safety, connection and love?

If not, sister, you have to start.  I can say this, because I spent YEARS without dropping a single crumb.  And you know where that got me?  Lonely.

That’s why HeartStories is such a passion for me.

It’s why we’re creating this Girl’s Night Out and the community of sisters that goes along with it.  We’re not trying replace the main course of your life.  We’re making it more likely that you’ll find it.

We’re leaving breadcrumbs.

And you can do the same, whether you’re local and can join us in person or whether you live a thousand miles away.  You can be more intentional about setting aside time with women who get you.  Take a break from the crazy with women who fill you up.  Women who aren’t afraid to let it all hang out and laugh with you at the messes you’ve all made.  Women who won’t let you leave without making sure you’re strong enough to go back out to face the unexpected roads.

We need each other.

We need our breadcrumbs.

to more love,


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