Don’t compare, huddle up close

Lauren's arrangment

We have a tradition of taking the boys to something called The Easter Path every year at our church.  It’s a path of walking through different scenes from the Bible to get an experience of the Easter story.   We didn’t make it over there this year, so I thought I’d create our own little version of it at our kitchen table.  In true Crystal style, I had this inspired thought at 9:30 PM on the Saturday night before Easter.

I ran to the store to gather supplies.  

While I was there, I noticed the gorgeous, and fragrant, Stargazer lilies in the floral department.  Of course, I’m looking for grape juice and bread. . . and returning with lilies.  They sort of fit the theme, right? 

But here’s the deal.

This girl, who’s not a “flower” girl, has LOVED having those lilies on my table.  They’ve been blooming now for almost two weeks, and as crazy as it seems to me, they’re bringing me joy!  They are simple, just lilies in a vase, but they’re gorgeous and they smell so lovely.

They’re bringing me signs of life and hope.

Some of the petals are beginning to fall, while some of the blooms are just now starting to open.  Even on the same stem, they are falling and blooming simultaneously.  It reminds me of the seasons of our lives.  While one part of us feels like it’s dying, falling apart, dropping petals on the floor . . . just out of our line of vision, another bloom is about to open up.

You may not see it now.  

Maybe all you can see is your petals (your dreams, your plans, your expectations for this season) falling on the floor.  But girl, just wait and see.  Don’t give up.

You are simultaneously blooming.

Just beyond your line of vision, there is such beauty opening up.  It’s breathtaking and the fragrance is so sweet.  It’s bringing signs of hope and light and life to watching weary eyes, who didn’t even know they needed it.

The best part? 

When you allow your blooms to combine with the blooms of others, together you create the most stunning display.   Sure, there are thorns, we’re all human, after all.  But there is so much more beauty when we pull all our uniqueness together, than we could ever create on our own.

When you feel like your petals are falling, remember you’re still blooming.

And when you feel discouraged because your sister’s blooms seem more beautiful than yours, please remember, the most exquisite beauty can only be created when all the most interesting and unique stems are brought together.

So don’t compare, huddle up close together.   

That’s where the truest beauty in life can be found.

to more love,


P.S.  That gorgeous arrangement above was created by my insanely talented friend Lauren.  She’ll be teaching us to create one of our own at the Bloom, Girls Night Out one week from today!  If you can join us, make it happen.  Claim your Mother’s Day gift, pull whatever strings you need to.  Every time we huddle up, beautiful things happen.

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