Look for the light

Last night we had the privilege of seeing our dear friend Myla for dinner.  (Our story is a good one, you can read about it here) Myla has had an extraordinarily difficult month after an abrupt and unexpected loss.  Her pain won’t be gone any time soon.  In fact, it’s probably here to stay.

But she’s still showing up, loving on people.  

So much so that I sat back in awe, as she talked with Scott, me and each of the boys.  Asking about our lives, our businesses, their school and sports, and listening, with empathy to our stories.  Then, in the way only Myla can, she reflected back to us only the very best things about who we are.  She spoke of the gift of Scott’s passion for supporting people in growth on the journeys of their lives.  She reminded me of the sacrifice, grit and determination it’s taken to build something that started as only an idea in my mind.  She encouraged Noah that his draw to understanding how things work and solving problems by creating is going to change the world someday.  She acknowledged Oakley’s stamina and determination, in football and in life, to be the most essential element to success, and that his wild streak colors the world all around him with light.

See the light in others, and treat them as if that’s all you see.  ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

How would your world change this weekend if this was your battle cry?  I know mine would change significantly, even just within the walls of my home.  If I chose to look for the light, instead of pointing out the darkness, there’d be a whole lot more connection.  There would be a whole lot more joy.

What do you say we give it a try?

Let’s look for the light this weekend, you and me.

Let’s treat our families as if that’s all we see.

to more love,


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