All is forgiven


We recently moved a trampoline in our backyard after years in one location.  This resulted in a big ugly bald spot in the grass. Over the weekend, we prepared the soil and laid sod.  We’ve been watering it in ever since.  Well, wouldn’t you know that this pretty girl thought it was an irresistible obstacle course?

I can just see her now, running wildly, back and forth, round and round, tearing up every piece of muddy sod in sight.

I swear, I let her out for like 3 minutes without watching her, but she tore up hours of work.  When I called her to the door, she was covered in mud.  This picture didn’t capture it, but there was even mud all over her face.  She was holding her head low, would hardly look me in the eye.  She knew she’d been bad, but she also knew I’d love her anyway.  And she was right.

One look in those sweet eyes and all was forgiven.  

I got her cleaned up, gave her a kiss on the snout, put on my rain boots and got to work.   I rearranged all the pieces of sod as close to their original locations as possible.  All while she watched from the porch.  Then we went back inside together. . . never skipping a beat.

Wouldn’t it be great if all our relationships were that easy?

There was no grudge.  No silent treatment.  No penance for her crime.  No made up stories about how she did it on purpose, just to spite me.

Just unconditional love, and even fondness.  

I know it’s not practical, because . . . humans.  But we can get closer.  We can work to intentionally expect the best in others.  We can look beyond their actions, to their heart.  We can aim for connection, even though it will hurt sometimes.

Even though it will require hard, messy work.

Forgive it all.  Do the hard work of letting it go.  Do it, because healthy connection, with the ones you love, is worth the price.

Every single time.

to more love,



  1. Very powerful Crystal !

    1. Thank you Dad!!

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