Come out to play

This is my girl, Hartley.  You can find her sitting right in this spot several times a week.

But this is not my house.

One of the most unexpected things about the move is that she now has friends of her own and she’s not afraid to make a run for their house at any moment.  She’s never been a “runner”.  She’s always been the dog you could take on a long walk without a leash and she would stay right by your side.  But not anymore.  She has friends now.

And by all means, she intends to see them. 

This wouldn’t be such a big deal except that her friend’s parents have glass front doors.  So every time she pays them a visit, it’s a dog rally at the front door.  It doesn’t matter if it’s 6 AM or 8 PM, ALL the wagging of tails and barking makes it pretty impossible to pretend it didn’t happen and let my neighbors have any peace and quiet.

We’re obviously winning them over quickly. 

Last night Oaks and I went out to race RC cars in the driveway and thought we could let the dogs hang out with us. But they quickly foiled our plan.  I could not get my sweet girl off the neighbor’s porch to save my life.  With all the begging and pleading, from both dogs and boy, I finally caved and sheepishly rang the doorbell.  With half-apology and half-invitation, we collected the neighbor’s dogs to have a little playdate in the backyard.  They wore themselves completely out, running, jumping and playing with dirt and slobber slinging everywhere.  They had an outright ball.

I was swiftly reminded that we are made for connection.  

If even my dogs long for friendship, how much more do you?  Sure, you stay busy.  You have more to do than you can ever get done.  The list is never-ending because it’s constantly growing.  But your heart is longing to bust out of the gate in a beeline for a friend’s porch.  It may not be a craving to run, jump and play with dirt and slobber slinging everywhere.

But it’s there. 

The longing to play.  The longing to rest.  The longing to be known and understood by a friend.  Stop trying to pretend it’s not there.  Stop telling yourself you don’t need it.  Stop telling yourself “It’s just this season of life”.

You do need friendship and you need it now, more than ever. 

This season of life is hard.  It’s too hard to go it alone.  Pay attention to that urge to make a beeline for the neighbor’s porch.  Don’t hush your inner child when she wants to come out to play.

However sheepish you may feel, ring that bell. 

Send the message.  Make the call.  Pull up the chairs.

Show up for the fun. 

Your life will thank you for it.

to more love,


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