When it all comes crashing down

This girl, who swore she would NEVER have a storage unit, spent Friday packing, loading, moving and unloading the storage unit we’ve had for several years now, into the new house.  Because apparently, we are gluttons for punishment, who didn’t have quite enough fun packing and moving the house we lived in for nearly 15 years.  The fact that we’re still hunting and pecking through all the boxes from that move isn’t keeping us busy enough in all our spare time.

Clearly, it would be a good idea to keep the crazy train going. 

Thanks to a couple of multipurpose dollies and carts we use for HeartStories events, the boys could pitch in to help us get the job done after school.  The only minor problem was that many of the HeartStories items we were not actually “packed”.  They were bagged and boxed, but not packed for a move.  So as we piled one load high on the cart and began to manuevor it down the hall, one of the boxes (full of our glass raffle jars) came tumbling down.  I ran over to help mitigate the damage, but as soon as I did, I bumped into another bag on the cart, sending it to it’s shimmery doom on the concrete floor.  Then another, and another. . .

It was like a comedy of errors while one crashing glass thing seemed to lead to another crashing glass thing. 

I kept thinking, “You’ve got to be kidding me!” Everyone was a little bit stunned while it was all going down.  In what seemed like the longest sixty seconds of my life, we were standing there staring at a sea of glass in the storage unit hallway.

It was like a comedy of errors, except no one was laughing.

The guys we’d hired to help move us were hot, cranky and made it clear they were disinterested in this job.  Scott & I were hot and cranky.  The boys were tired, hungry, hot and cranky.  I would have rathered walk barefoot on those shards of glass than to have to drive to our house and unload.

But alas, that choice wasn’t on the docket for the day.  

So I pushed all the glass aside, closed my eyes, took a deep breath, whispered a prayer for peace and instructed everyone to carry on like it was all going to be just fine.  Then we carried on with all the fun of the day, like climbing the stairs and squat crawling across the smoldering attic with heavy boxes.  It was seriously good times.  (First world probs, I know.  But painful nonetheless.)

When I laid my exhausted head on the pillow that night, the first thing I thought about was that crashing glass.

When the first load of glass fell, I was so sad, because I knew the implications.  When I went to try to save the rest and it fell, I couldn’t believe I’d done that.  Then I knocked over even more?  Are you kidding me?  When was it going to end!?

This morning it occurred to me that life seems to happen like that sometimes.  

You’ve probably experienced it too.  You might be experiencing something like that right now.   It may have started with just one piece of crashing glass.  Then a million things just came crashing down, despite your best efforts to mitigate the damage.

Sometimes there’s nothing you can do to make it stop. 

Sometimes you just need to close your eyes, take a deep breathe, whisper a prayer, sweep the mess aside and carry on.  Carry on despite the mess.  Carry on despite the pressure.  Carry on despite the pain.

When it seems like it’s all crashing down, carry on.  

You may not feel like it right now, but you were made for this.

Carry on.

to more love,


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