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Today is my dear friend Miranda‘s birthday.  When I scrolled to her profile on Facebook to wish her a quick HBD, I noticed a video in the “music” section of her profile.  It was a familiar face that drew me in.  It was Nichole Nordeman and her song called, “Sound of surviving”   it stopped me in my tracks.

I remember when I first heard that song.  

I remember what I felt.  I remember how much it encouraged me. I remember how much I needed to hear it in that moment.  I clicked the play button and let that song play on repeat.

It turns out I needed to hear it again today. 

I don’t think those words will ever get old.  It’s this beautiful, vulnerable, empowering outlook that comes from seeing the purpose in pain.  It’s about sifting out the meaning and the growth that comes from struggle.  It’s the perspective that it’s up to us to choose to reframe our stories.

Here’s an excerpt:

They told me
I’d never get to tell my story
Too many bullet holes
It would take a miracle
These voices
Inside my head like poison
Trying to steal my hope
Silencing my soul
But my story is only now beginning
Don’t try to write my ending
Nobody gets to sing my song
This is the sound of surviving
This is my farewell to fear
This is my whole heart deciding
I’m still here, I’m still here
And I’m not done fighting
This is the sound of surviving
~ Sound of Surviving, Nichole Nordeman

I wasn’t at all surprised to find this song right up at the top of Miranda’s profile.  Since the day I met her, I knew we were soul sisters.  She’s always been someone who connects at a deeper level.  Nothing is surface with Miranda.

We all need friends like that in our lives.  

Friends who show up for what’s real and never judge us for it, because sometimes it’s hard to be that kind of friend to yourself.  I’m so grateful for “friends” who may not even know us, women like Nichole,  who have the courage to show up for what’s real in all of us and remind us that no one else gets to sing our song.

I don’t believe in coincidence.

This is a message for you today.

Say farewell to fear.


to more love,


p.s.  This whole experience this morning has me ready to trash the brief notes I wrote to share about tonight and go all in with this message of hope before our movie tonight.  If there’s ever been a story that seemed like it had “too many bullet holes” the story behind Crazy, Stupid, Love is it.  But there’s redemption in it.  Because they stayed.  They’re still there for each other, through all of it.   And we still have a seat for you.  It’s not too late to join us.   Chick Flick GNO

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