Sometimes leaving can help you appreciate coming home

We just returned from a family vacation that was a much-needed break from the pressure and pace of our everyday lives.  I know, I know, you’re supposed to create a life you don’t need a vacation from, but we haven’t mastered that craft just yet.  We needed a vacation.

We needed to unplug.

You may have noticed that I unplugged completely.  I didn’t even blog, and for once, I didn’t feel guilty about it.  I slept in until 8, or 9 o’clock almost every morning.  I read an encouraging and inspiring book, just for fun.  I truly allowed myself to rest.

Why am I telling you this?

I know that kind of unplugging to rest is pure luxury.  It may not be something you’re able to do in this season of your life.  I’ve been there.  I remember hearing others talk about unplugging and wishing there was some way, somehow I could do that myself, but knowing it wasn’t possible to that scale.  It left me longing for something I couldn’t have.  Here’s what I want to say about that.

You can rest often in small ways.

This year, I’ve been learning a lot about rest.  One thing I’ve learned it that doesn’t have to be a big, fancy vacation to make a difference.  Small moments of intentionally closing your eyes and breathing in and out can make a huge difference.  I know this to be true.  If nothing else, take 5 minutes each day to breathe, pray, learn, dance, sing . . . whatever brings you peace.  Take 5 and do it.

It will make a difference.

While we were riding in the cab to the airport, the taxi driver was working hard to convince us we should “buy a little house” on the island.  He was telling us how affordable the neighborhoods are and that the entire island is close to the beach.  He said, “Every house is a beach house!’   The boys were buying it, hook line and sinker.  But I sat there thinking about what he was saying.  I imagined how different a permanent island life would be.

A giant “NO THANK YOU” entered my mind.

While we were there, I joked about never wanting to leave. Watching the luminous sunsets, while listening to the waves crash gently on the sand can lure you into thinking you never want to leave.  But the moment the cab driver talked about the reality of settling in there, it snapped me right out of that trance.

I was ready to come home.

Flying away, we were all looking out the window, watching the island get smaller and smaller in the distance.  The boys were talking about how sad they were to leave, and of course, I had a tinge of sadness too.  But I took a deep breath and thought about how good it felt to leave so well-rested.  My heart was full of gratitude for what that little trip gave my mind, my body, and my family.  I was longing for the life we’ve built, the people we love, and this place we call home.  Sometimes you need to leave to get the rest you need.

Sometimes leaving, even just for a little while, can help you appreciate coming home.  

Even if you can’t physically leave, find small pockets of time to rest and leave in your mind. It will be invigorating.   Then, imagine the reality of what permanently leaving would look like, beyond the lure of the luminous sunsets.

If you’ll really allow yourself to go there, it can help you appreciate coming home.  

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