You’re not asking too much

Have you ever had one of those days when you’re feeling super stuck and you need friends to support you, but you feel like you’ve asked too much?  You think they’re too busy to help.  You don’t want to bother them by making your fire drill their fire drill.

I had one of those days recently. 

I was feeling especially stuck with regard to our marketing of the HeartStories GNO.  Krystin, who has been running all our marketing, found out that she is pregnant with twin baby girls (YAY!).  We’re all so happy for her!  AND, that means her life is changing significantly, so she won’t be able to continue this fast pace with us through our current level of rapid growth.  Amid what felt like a million simultaneous conversations, I thought I had exhausted all my resources but then, I had this sudden inkling to reach out to my friend Brooklyn.  I knew she was way too busy to help me, but I was feeling pretty desperate to find the right person to cultivate this incredible community we’re growing and I knew she’d instantly get it.  I hoped someone would immediately come to her mind that would make it a no-brainer.

That’s exactly what happened. 

I shot her a text and she wrote me back almost instantly “Emily Heidt, The Heidt of Media.  She’s perfect for you and for HeartStories.”  That was all it took.  I dialed up Emily immediately.  Like actually.  A phone call, not a text.  Most definitely not an email.  (Oh, it’s Sunday?  Oh, you’re in the middle of a parade? So sorry about that.  Can we talk TOMORROW?)  She said yes, and for the purposes of this story, the rest is history.  Emily and her team are a perfect fit for everything we’ve been looking for, both for where we are right now and where we are headed.

This is a picture of what happens when friends support one another. 

Jenny had no idea she was capturing history in the making when she snapped this portrait, but she absolutely was.  This is the very first moment I met Emily and Victoria from Heidt Media in person.  We hadn’t fully committed to working together yet.  It was still mostly a pipe dream on my part, but I had a feeling in my heart that there was something really special brewing there.  It turns out that feeling led to the beginning of an especially wonderful new relationship that is bringing me hope, on the daily.   These ladies are pushing me beyond my comfort zone, by pushing me a little further out in front than I’m comfortable with.  But they know where we’re heading and they know exactly how to get there with regard to marketing and media, so I’m trusting their guidance and following their lead.

Friends like Brooklyn, who are on the journey with you, can see what you can’t see. 

They can see the connections you need to make.  They can easily see the bridges you need to cross to get where you’re going.  And more often than not, if you ask clearly and directly for the help you need, good friends are more than willing to offer it.

But it’s up to you to ask. 

You’re not asking too much.

to more love,


P.S.  A lot of the “helpers” are learning to have healthier boundaries around their time.  Yes, that’s true.  (Thank you Enneagram)  That means if your request is confusing or too open-ended, they might feel like they can’t help, so ask directly.  Make it clear and simple for your friends to help and they will.

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