Because you care

You might think that planning night at the movies for a girls night out would be the easiest of them all.  It seems like it would be as simple as sending out the invite, picking the movie and food and everyone just shows up and Voila!  I might have been thinking that too.

But oh the things we think we know!

I’m so stinking excited about Thursday night’s GNO at Cut! by Cinemark.  It’s going to be such a fun night watching the chick flick, Crazy, Stupid, Love, (selected by our community) in our own private theater showing and our own private event banquet room.   But let me just tell you right now, the planning has been intense! We’ve probably exchanged more than 100 emails and phone calls.  We’ve made site visits, determined linens, discussed floral arrangments, measured space for our sponsors, calculated candy by the ounce, estimated dinner portions, approximated popcorn consumption by attendee, and gone around several times about the wine service locations.  Oh, and invited Ryan Gosling to our photo area! 

All very real first-world challenges.  

But nonetheless, they fill my day and the days of our HeartStories team members.  Most people have no idea how much we think about and plan every little detail that goes into our HeartStories GNO nights.  That’s exactly how it should be, because that’s why we do it.  To make it easy for you.  We do it to take all the planning off your plate.  We serve up a completely done-for-you girls night out where all you have to do is show up with your girlfriends and sit back and enjoy the night.

But I know it’s true for you too.

Most people have no idea how hard you’re working.  Your boss likely has no idea how much thought, time and energy you’ve put into your project.  Your friends and employees don’t know how often you speak well of them behind their backs.  Your family has no idea all the things you do, that no one ever sees.  Strangers have no idea how intentional you are about being kind.  So why do you do it?

You do it because you care. 

Sure, it would be easier to take short cuts.  It would be easier to leave those minor details undone.  It would be easier to treat people the way they deserve to be treated instead of with the care that shows you really see them.  They might not be grateful.

They might not even notice. 

But in a world full of computer programmed customer service and virtual reality in every corner, a human who cares deeply means more than ever before.

So keep going. 

Keep caring enough to show up and do the things behind the scenes that seem to go unnoticed.  Those things matter.  Your contribution matters.

You matter.  

You, are making a huge difference, whether anyone ever tells you or not.

Believe that today.

to more love,


P.S.  We’re saving a seat for you this Thursday!  Come join us!

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