You’re an Edgedancer

Over the past couple of days, in between all my “regular” work, I’ve been taking Tara Gentile’s new class about hiring on Creative Live.  Tara is my business hero, have I mentioned that?  She’s my hero for many reasons, but mostly because she’s doing the courageous work of sharing her story while growing her own stand out business.  As soon as she crosses into new frontiers, she teaches a class about what she learned along the way.  She doesn’t wait until she’s the most experienced, best-selling expert on the subject.

She jumps right in to share what she’s learned.  

That makes all the difference.  Because if she waited to become the acclaimed expert, I would still be waiting.  Thousands of people like me would still be waiting.  Sure, there are other people who could teach a live course on hiring, but there’s no one who can teach it like Tara.  There’s no one else with Tara’s heart, Tara’s experience, Tara’s contacts and Tara’s unique perspective.

Tara somehow always teaches exactly what I need, exactly when I need it.  

Learning from Tara along the way consistently reminds me of the importance of dancing with the unknown. Don’t get me wrong, she knows her stuff before she shares it.  And it is GOOD.  But it’s all still a fluid work in process.  There is always more to learn, new experiences to have.

There are always further edges to dance on.  

Because Tara is always pushing herself to learn new things, she constantly has to do things she’s never done before.  She has to do things no one has ever done before.  And that’s some scary stuff.  But that’s where the good stuff is all created.

Only when he no longer knows what he is doing, does the painter do good things.”  ~ Edgar Degas

I love this quote because Degas painted mostly dancers.  It was almost like through his art, he was expressing the idea that the good stuff only comes when you’re dancing with the unknown.  I’m eternally grateful for my first coach, Michelle James, who taught me the value of “The Fertile Unknown”.  I remember it every time I get to the edge of what I know and start to believe I’m unqualified, not capable, or somehow just not ready.  It reminds me that the unknown is exactly where I need to be. Every time I don’t have the answers, it’s an invitation to explore possibilities and forge a new path.

It’s true for you too. 

If you feel like you have no clue what you’re doing today, take a minute to set back and celebrate that.  Seriously!  You are in the middle of the glorious unknown.  You have all the power to forge a new path that is exactly what you, and others, need.  You get to pick your teacher.  You don’t have to do it the way anyone else has ever done it before.  You can do it your brand new way.

We need you to do it your way.

Sure, there are other people who could do it, but there’s no one who can do it like you.  There’s no one else with your heart, your experience, your contacts and your unique perspective.  There’s no one who will do it exactly like you will.

Maybe the unknown is exactly where you need to be today.  

Don’t be afraid of not knowing.  Saying “I don’t know” is a reason to celebrate!  You’re an edge dancer, an explorer, a creator.

Sure, it’s harder.

But it’s worth it.

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