A Rae of Sunshine

Yesterday, right in the middle of a gloomy, rainy Wednesday, I got to sit across the table from a beautiful Rae of sunshine.  As I pulled into the parking lot in front of Up Inspired Kitchen, I noticed a funny feeling inside.  While I darted inside, trying to stay dry, I was quickly wracking my brain trying to recall how I came to have this little afternoon coffee date with Rachel Phillips-Luther.  As it turns out, we connected several months back when I was so charmed by the casual positivity of the “brand voice” of the Up Inspired Kitchen Instagram feed, that I messaged their page saying, “Who’s running this feed?” Only to find out, it was Rae, one of the owners.

Of course it was. 

I’ve noticed that lately, I come to recognize “good people” very quickly.  It’s not because they look a certain way, live in a certain zip code or hang out in certain places.  It’s because of the humanity in their eye contact. Even on their social feeds, when you can’t see their eyes, you know they’re looking at you.  It’s because their concern with connection is greater than their concern for impression.  It’s because of their posture of empathy.

Rachel is good people.  

Our time together was brief, but as Rae told me her story, tears welled in my eyes.  It’s no wonder she’s good people.  Good people often come to their goodness as a result of their choices in struggle.  That’s certainly true of this beautiful woman.  Her story of struggle and determination will wow you when her book comes out next year.

With Rachel and Mike behind the scenes, it’s no wonder Up is such a happy, beautiful and inspiring place to be.  

If you’re struggling through something today, choose to look up.  Decide that you’ll become better, not bitter.  You don’t get to choose what happens to you, but you always get to choose what you’ll do next.

Choose the high road. 

Choose goodness.

Choose light.

Choose love.

to more love,


P.S. If you’re local and haven’t been to Up Inspired Kitchen, you are missing out.  This incredible new restaurant is focused on healthful items that appeal to various diets, including Whole 30, Paleo and gluten-free.

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