Go First Girls

Over the weekend we got a chance to spend time with several different groups of friends.  The thing Scott and I keep noticing is how we are drawn to people who are willing to share their journey.  People who’ve made it a habit to quickly skim past the surface conversation and go to the truer places, even in laughter and joy, are the people we want to spend our lives around.  It’s not that we sit around with notebooks and philosophize.  That would be like nails in the coffin for me.

It’s about simply having real conversations.

It’s the flow of conversations about what the holidays will really be like for them – what they’re looking forward to and what they’re nervous about.  It’s about how work is going, in their souls, not just in the books.  It’s the truth about the journey and the hard work of marriage.  It’s about what it’s like right now, parenting through learning differences, puberty, college applications, and step parent relationships.  It’s the conversations that dive headlong into vulnerability, because they’re not concerned with what’s safe.

People who are willing to share the struggles of their lives with you, are the only people who can truly share your joy. 

It’s often our greatest sorrows, and struggles, that have shown us the path of joy.  Think about the people in your life who have a habit of getting real with you.  Those friends who are willing to share their struggles, are the same friends who will be there to walk with you through yours.  Cherish those friendships.

Show up for those friendships.  

Do the work of cultivating those friendships.

Be the one to go first. 

Be a “Go First Girl”.

“The adventure of ‘yes’ is more alive than the safety of ‘no’.” ~ John Ortberg

to more love,


P.S. These are some of my “Go First Girls”.  Who are yours?

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