Your life will thank you later

Over the weekend we went with a group of friends to a fundraising dinner for our school at The Star, the newest hot spot in town.  The dress code was “Texas Chic” so the girls had been chit-chatting for weeks about what in the world to wear and other important, life-changing topics.  But all those little conversations kept us connecting, and looking forward to sharing the night together.  We laughed hysterically all throughout the night, reconnecting without the kids, while our husbands often waited in the patiently together in the wings.

We took group selfie after group selfie to commemorate the memory that we were, in fact, kid free.  It was clearly important to capture the proof that we do still know how to have fun on the weekend, even if it’s at a grown up, purposeful event.

This picture is by far my favorite pic of the night though, for a couple of reasons. 

  1. It’s the perfect portrayal of the ladies, working it for a well-lit selfie on the field, laughing so hard we had tears rolling down our cheeks, while the husbands practiced their best patience on the sidelines.
  2. It didn’t matter one single iota to us that we were hogging the center of the field, hanging out right near the 50-yard line while other tourists where trying to play on the field.

We were having a moment, and the whole world could just take a pause for it, at least in our minds.  

I love it because as busy women, we don’t make our worlds stop and pause for us often enough.  We’re so busy taking care of everyone else, shouldering the responsibility for so many things, most of the time we just let our lives fly right by.  We don’t even notice.

While, of course, I’m not an advocate for living your life only focused on #1, I so appreciate the pauses.

This picture represents a fun pause.  A moment, captured in time to remember that we still need each other.  In the middle of our privileged lives, where we have everything we could ever need, we’re still human.  Our hearts are still made for connection. We can have everything this life has to offer, but without each other, we have nothing.

It’s the one thing everyone needs, regardless of our circumstances.  

So don’t let the privilege of your busy life keep you believing the lie that you’ve got it all.  If you don’t have consistent connection and community, you’re missing life.

Make time for the people who get you.  Get with the people you love.

Take a pause for fun.

Your life will thank you later.

to more love,


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