Weekend reunion

It’s the weekend.  It’s time to rest and rekindle relationship with your people.  It’s time to remind them that you’re still fun and you still love them, you just needed a little rest. . . and maybe some coffee.

I know for us, the weekdays are so full of schedules and activities, that I feel less like a parent, and more like a drill sergeant.  I’m repeatedly announcing the current time followed by the next activity time.  Whether it’s the car pulling out of the garage for school, the time practice starts, or the time the lights are going out.  I often feel like my role would be better performed by a talking wall clock.  Now before you expert-marriage-parenting-people start reminding me that it’s not my job to keep the time and the schedule, hear me out.

I already know.

I know better.  I’m working so hard on letting my kids have more responsibility, hence the lovely grades that keep arriving in my inbox.  But old habits die hard, sister.

That’s a blog for another day.

I don’t know what weekends mean to your family, but what if you decided to make this one about reconnecting?  What if you intentionally slowed down, looked your people in the eyes, held a hand or two and reminded them they’re still most important?

I know there are ball games, parties and other commitments this weekend, but you can make the time.

Slow down.  Take a breath.

And do it together.

Time is passing fast.  (sorry, I just needed to remind you) 😉

It’s time for a weekend reunion.

to more love,


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