A chocolate adventure

Over the weekend, we were given a box of chocolates.  As you can see, by the utter shock on Oakley’s face, this was just any old box of chocolates.  It was a box of Kate Weiser, hand painted bonbons.  They are each a unique work of art.  As we gathered the family to dissect and devour them, I was reminded of the infamous Bubba Gump quote,

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.”

Each chocolate was stunning and intriguing on the outside and every family member had a different reaction to the flavorful surprises on the inside.  We were thankful for the helpful roadmap to guide us through out tasting journey, and we followed it carefully.  First was the Dark Chocolate Caramel, an easy win for everyone.   Then we adventured into the Hazelnut Latte, Banana Dulcey, Peanut Brittle (the crowd pleaser), Key Lime Pie, and finally, my favorite of all, the Yuzu (dark chocolate ganache infused with Japanese lime).  Each little bite was a flavorful adventure awaiting.

But we had to be willing to take the bite.

We had to get out of our caramel comfort zone and be willing to get a taste of something we didn’t like.  I know it’s hard to believe, but it happened.  There were a couple of rejected bites, to be sure.  There was even a completely horrifying pass-off.  These two shall remain nameless, to protect the innocent, but one who decidedly did not like the taste, passed off directly to the mouth of another who was relishing in it.  This is NO joke.

Heaven help us all. 

That’s where Bubba’s quote comes in.  Life is just like a box of incredible chocolates.  There is adventure waiting all around you to be unwrapped.  It’s luring you in with its intriguing beauty.  With each bite, an exciting adventure awaits.

But it’s safer to stick with what you know.  

It’s safer to keep enjoying your caramel comfort zone than to test the waters of Lavender Apricot & Mango Habenero. It’s safer, no doubt.  There will be no surprises.  No jaw burning reactions.  No decided aversions.  But as my friend Libba often quotes (because she’s a Mango Habenero kind of girl):

“The adventure of ‘yes’ is more alive than the safety of ‘no’.” ~ John Ortberg

You can stay safe and comfortable.

Or you can decide life is for living.  

Totally up to you.

to more love,


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