You were born to stand out

If you’re a mama in Texas, you know it’s May when you feel like you’re at the school more than you are at work or at home.  Right?  Spring concerts, performances, field days, fundraisers, appreciation luncheons, awards presentations and sign ups for end of year parties. . . the flurry of frantic activity reminds you that summer is quickly approaching.

And there’s nothing you can do about it.  

But there’s one activity that stops me in my tracks.  It gets me every single time.  It fills my eyes with tears and my heart with hope, that maybe in middle of the flood of activity, we’re still doing something right.

It’s the class awards ceremony.

For one hour, the parents gather and listen as the teacher calls each student up to the front.  She doesn’t spend time pointing out that their grades are above average or their uniforms are perfectly pressed and tucked in nicely (eh-hum).   She doesn’t reminisce about how well they stayed in a single file line throughout the year.    She doesn’t sing the praises of their standardized testing scores.  Nope.

The teacher brings each precious baby to the front of the room to point out the things that make them unique.

She highlights their individual strengths and character qualities.  She shares stories of things like generosity, kindness, or endurance that make them stand out.  She points out their special talents.  In a world that is constantly bombarding them with messages that fitting in is the only way to make it, she reminds them they are seen and valued for the ways they stand out.

Maybe you need that reminder today too.  

In the words of our beloved Dr. Seuss, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

If I could bring you to the front of the room today to tell everyone what makes you different, what would I say?  

Would I share about your knack for decorating?  Your passion for clean living?  Would I point out your craftiness or your talent for baking?  Maybe it’s your love of writing or hosting parties?  Is it your negotiation skills or your love of wildflowers?  What about your natural ability to connect and encourage others?  Maybe it’s the way you love systematizing the details to keep things organized.  Maybe you’re the one who gets the party started. It could be a million different things, that I don’t even know about.  But I know one thing.

You’ll never be who you’re meant to be if you stay focused on fitting in.  

Get out of line.  Make a ruckus.  Do more of what makes you stand out.

You were born for this.  

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