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When we get the images back from our Girls Nights, one of my favorite things to do is scroll through them looking for the emotions that were being experienced.  These unposed, hugging photos are my fav.

I especially love this one.

This is Melanie and Laura at the Bloom GNO last month.  You can see so much in the tenderness and intention grasp of Laura’s hands.  There’s a sparkle in her eyes and a huge smile on her face.   She’s present and engaged in this moment.  Even though you can’t see Mel’s face, you can see her shoulders are raised, neck wrapped around and she is ALL in.

This moment screams connection.  

To me, this moment is saying, “In this crazy-busy world, where so many things are pulling at my attention, I made time to meet you here.  Whatever this week held for you, we’re here together now.  I am for you.  You are my people.”  

We all need consistent moments like that.

When was the last time you wrapped your bestie in the kind of hug that reminds her you’re not kidding around?  The kind of hug that acknowledges the stress she’s under.  The kind of hug that says, “I see you and I’m here with you”. . . Oh, she’s not a hugger?

Hug her anyway.

We were all made for connection.  Sure, we want you to be proud of our kids, like our outfit and notice our new hairdo.  But it’s our hearts that are longing to be seen.  We need to see the light in your eyes that sees the best in us.  We need the reminder that when you feel our pain in your heart, it comes back out through your hands.

As much as I love Facebook for a million different reasons, this kind of tangible, tribal, compassionate connection. . . it’s not happening there.

You have to get face to face.

Sure, it’s harder.  Absolutely, it’s less often.  But that’s what makes it even more valuable.

Make it a point to see a friend who is one of “your people” this weekend, and hug her like you mean it.  (none of this side-of-the-arm patting stuff) If it’s truly impossible this weekend, you are not off the hook.  Text her today – put a time of the books for next week.

You need her.  She needs you.  

You probably just don’t realize how much.

to more love,


P.S.  If you’re local, even if you’re not, you don’t want to miss our upcoming Girls Just Want to Have Fun GNO Birthday Bash!  We are skipping all the regular programing and meeting at Bid D Party Rentals showroom in all our tackiest 80’s attire.  It’s going to be such a fun party and a GREAT time to join in the fun for the first time.  I sincerely hope to see you there.  You can get your ticket or learn more right here.

Photo cred: Jessica Vick Photography

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