A rising tide

When I look at this picture, it’s hard to imagine this is reality, for so many reasons.  Mostly because of the flowers and table cloths (“linens”) and all the pink!  But also because six months ago, I didn’t even know two of the women in this picture.  And now, they are my soul sisters.

They’ve encouraged my heart so much.

My goal has always been to bring women together.  To support each other in not only surviving the daily grind, but finding purpose and passion right in the middle of it.  I had this dream of women, sharing their stories, as a vehicle to empower other women to discover and live their own heart stories.

That dream has come true.  

As I’ve searched out women to share their stories with our group, it’s been such a blessing to be able to promote their work as part of the process.  It has consistently felt like a win-win scenario where by everyone is encouraged and supported in the process.  Together we’re raising the tide by connecting, encouraging and inspiring women. But the part that has come as a surprise, and a gift to me, is the way these women have encouraged and lifted me up in that rising tide.

A rising tide lifts all the boats.

Lauren, the one with the microphone, was leading our Bloom GNO.  Jennifer is looking straight on.  And Holly, of course, is there on the right.  (That part is so easily believable, she’s been there, on the right, since day 1) As I’ve worked my tail off this year, growing the Girls Night Out events, these girls have poured their hearts of love into mine. Each of them has encouraged me to keep going. . . to keep working to raise the tide.   I cannot even begin to name all the women who’ve buoyed my heart this year, but I know one thing.

The momentum of the HeartStories GNO is clearly the result of the rising tide.

It’s not the result of a well executed business plan.  It’s not just my blood, sweat and tears.  It’s certainly not just a profit generating machine.

It’s what it looks like when we lift while we climb.

It’s what happens when our hearts are for each other.

Everyone is encouraged.  Everyone grows.  Everyone gets stronger.

Who is a woman in your life today who needs a little encouragement? 

Someone just came to your mind.

Encourage her.  

Let’s keep raising the tide.

to more love,


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