You don’t need to chase the right people

This is my girl Lauren, the founder of Blue Posy Floral Design.  This picture is a perfect representation of who she is because she’s peaceful, like a river carving it’s way through the canyon.  She’s a force of nature, getting things done, but she does it with such a beautiful flow.  She can whip up a stellar floral arrangement in no time.  She can arrange simple greenery on the tabletop in a way that will have you convinced you’re walking through a beautiful garden.  She can add a pop of color to a gathering board like it’s nobody’s business.  She’s loyal.  She’s true.

With Lauren you get what you get. 

Almost two years ago I called her up, and introduced myself (with all my fingers and toes crossed) asking her to partner with us as our florist for GNO.  To my complete delight, she said, “Yeah, sure.”, like it was nothing.  She had no idea how big that moment was for me.  She may not still.  She didn’t over think it, she simply said yes to something that felt alive and right for her in that moment.

I’ve learned that I don’t need to chase the right people. 

I do need to go out of my way to find them sometimes.  It often requires effort to find people who are exactly the right fit for what we’re doing, both as partners and featured guests. I always have an ear to the ground, looking for just the right woman, with the right experience to partner with us in some way.   The difference is, that when I find her, if I show up as my true self and lay out what’s on offer, the connection is authentic, no matter what.  Even when I think I for sure found THE right one, she may never respond to my outreach.  Or, she may respond that it’s not a fit for her.

That, is a beautiful gift.  

Sure, at first it hurts.  It feels like rejection.  It’s easy to begin to question the value you bring to the table.  It’s easy to see someone else’s “no” or “not now” as a judgement of you, but what it really is, is a gift.  It’s information that is just as important as the gift of finding the right person.

You don’t need to chase the right people.

Lauren is one example of the many women who have joined us, and stuck with us, to build this thing in the world.  When it’s right, it flows peacefully.  It may not be easy, there will be bumps in the road. Good things are rarely easy.  They require effort, care and attention.  But there’s a peace and a flow to the relationship, that will remind you over and over again, that it’s right.

Keep showing up as your true self.

Keep working hard. Keep doing the next right thing. The right people who belong in your life for this season will come to you and they will stay.

The ones who do not, are not the right people, at least not for right now.  

Trust that.

to more love,


P.S. This peaceful mama is leading our “Arranging for Autumn GNO” a floral workshop to welcome Fall, on November 1st.  Tickets are selling fast so if you’re looking for a peaceful way to get in your Autumn groove, grab yours today.

image cred to our Official HeartStories Photographer: Vanessa Corral Photography

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