The pact of sisterhood

Apparently we have a new tradition, within Wendi‘s AC3 tradition.  At the end of the night, we rally the last ones standing, for a lovely group “prom pose” on the stairs.  Scott was our photographer on the ready this time and he did a mighty-fine job, even through all the giggles on the stairs.  He not only squeezed us all in, he worked patiently through the demands of the “approval” process to be sure he captured the moment just right.  I don’t know if it was all by Wendi’s design, the apple cider mimosas, the incredible board from Fig + Goat, the stunning flowers from Blue Posy, the hilarity of the swarming moths from our open-air gathering space, or a combination of it all, but it was a beautiful night we’ll all remember.

They say the third time’s a charm, maybe it was that too

What I do know, is that on Thursday night, we went “there”.  Wendi led us in a round-the-room sharing about the best thing that’s happened to us in the last 90 days, since we last gathered.  It was brilliant.  It became a safe space for sharing so much more than the business transactions or successes we’d each experienced.  In those few minutes, the sharing went way beyond anything we’d bring up at any typical networking event.  We dropped the masks and dove into the reality of the joys and struggles in our lives.

And it was beautiful. 

I loved witnessing those strong women listen with their hearts instead of only their heads.  It was incredible to see how one woman’s courage to open up, led to the next, and the next.  It all started with one woman, courageous enough to go there first.  We laughed hysterically, we gasped in awe, we may have even shed a tear together.  The love and support in that room was so thick that we left with this as our new slogan:

“What happens at AC3, stays at AC3.”

Obviously, it’s for a different reason than it’s prominent use in Vegas.  This slogan to us, is about creating a safe place to share our real selves.  It’s about the pact of sisterhood created in that time and place.  It’s the promise that your story is safe with us.  It’s the commitment that we get the struggle and we’re in it with you, walking beside you.  At the end of the day, that’s what sisterhood is all about.

With whom do you share a “pact of sisterhood”?

Maybe she’s your birth sister? Maybe she’s your sister by choice?

Remind her today that you’re holding the pact.  

Her story is safe with you.  You get the struggle.  You’re in it with her, walking beside her.

She needs to be reminded.

So do you.

to more love,


P.S.  We hold a special “pact of sisterhood” space, completely done for you each month at our Girls Night Out events, right here in Frisco.  We only a little over a week out from “Arranging for Autumn GNO” a floral workshop with a reminder to make space for this beautiful, full season we’re entering.  Gather you sisters and join us before the seats are all taken.  It’s a great way to strengthen your pact!

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