My Partners in Crime

This hilariousness is what happens at the end of a GNO night when I try to actually get in a photo with our HeartStories photography sister Vanessa.  She passes her camera to our custom closet sister Rhonda, while our attorney sister Laura, shows us exactly how to pose to show our “best side”.  Much laughter ensued. (I can’t wait to see the outcome!)

Recalling the moment of this photo reminds me of one of my favorite friendship quotes:

A good friend is like a good bra:

  • Supportive
  • Comfortable
  • Always lifts you up
  • Makes you look better
  • Always close to your heart

These women do all of that and more. 

One of the most unexpected, and greatest gifts of hosting the Girls Night Out events is the friendships that I’ve developed with the women who’ve become our sponsors.  I wish I had a picture here of each of their beautiful faces.  Without exception, every single one of them is someone I count as a friend.  Our relationships may have started as a business transaction, but because the business we’re about is focused on supporting, encouraging, connecting and inspiring women, they are my “partners in crime”.

They are my sisters. 

Of course, there is a business goal, everyone intends to gain clients and grow our businesses.  But the means to achieving that goal is based in circles of organic connection and support, not a hollow sales pitch just to win a deal.  The women who are drawn to sponsor our GNOs are playing the long game.  They’re in it to build lasting and enjoyable relationships based on trust.

They’re doing a bang-up job.  

If you’re looking for any of these services, they are ready to serve you.

Support for your most important relationships: Scott, Auxano Counseling (clearly not a woman, but our biggest supporter!)

A Custom Closet: Rhonda, Closet Envy

A Boutique Market with Fab Food & Wine: Talitha, Big Little Market

Aesthetic skincare: Kim, Esperance USA

Legal Service of any kind: Laura, Albin Roach Attorneys

Full-Service Interior Design Services: Nicole, Nicole Arnold Interiors

A glowing white smile: Nicole, Hollywood Smile Teeth Whitening

Real Estate support: Myla, Patton International Properties

Stunning Floral Design: Lauren, Blue Posy Floral Design

Creative Event Design: Beth, Joyful Day

Local, Affordable Event Rentals: Melissa, Simply Chic Event Rentals

Delicious Custom Gathering Boards: Bekah, Fig + Goat

Incredible Breakfast, lunch & Brunch: Rae, Up Inspired Kitchen

A Gorgeous headshot or family photo: Vanessa, Vanessa Corral Photography

All the scoop on news & events around Frisco:  Wendi, Lifestyle Frisco Magazine

A boutique Hair & Makeup Salon:  Kerry, Swish Salon

Professional Makeup Services: Ginger, Ginger Bay Makeup

Professional Makeup & Hair Styling: Erin, Erin Blair Makeup & Hair

Incredible Sports Massage: Karen, Active Living Massage Therapy

A healthier soda substitute: Sharelle, Dry Soda Co

Markers for your wine glasses: Reneé, Wine Glass Writer

They are my partners in crime.

Make them yours too!

We’re all in this together.

to more love,


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