You are never alone

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While the boys were at football last night, I sent out an email with the final reminder about tonights GNO.  About an hour later, I could hear my phone dinging downstairs like crazy.  I got three texts in a row from Brittany.  She was letting me know that I’d sent that note out with the wrong link to buy tickets.  GRRRR.  I’d checked and double checked those links before sending them out!  Sure enough, when I clicked the link it went to the November GNO sales page.

While I was frantically working to redirect the link, a text came through from Tonia.

Tonia is our featured guest for tonight.  Of course, I instantly told myself the story that she’d tried the link and wanted me to know it wasn’t working.  Instead she was reaching out to connect.  To tell me how excited she is about tonight.  But not just the “regular” kind of excitement over a girls night out.  More of an anticipation, of something special happening.  She shared about feeling especially ready (& a little nervous) to share her behind-the-scenes story, that she doesn’t usually share in public.

I assured her that’s the good stuff.

The part that wakes our emotions and scares us a little . .  . that’s the part that connects us the most.  Of course, we’re going to talk about organization and sorting out our things, but it’s the sorting out of our lives that brings us meaning.  And even more importantly, brings us together.  In fact, as I was thinking about tonight’s GNO yesterday, I popped a question into our Facebook group for the women in our community.

“When you think about getting your life “sorted out”. . . what comes to mind first? What weighs the most on your mind?”

Their answers:

  • The house
  • The kids
  • Career
  • Schedule,
  • Home office,
  • Relationships

I was expecting to hear about many different areas that needed sorting out, but all the stories revolved around these basic things.  And if you notice. . . only two of them are actually about sorting “things”.  The rest are about sorting out the most meaningful parts of our lives.  Our families, careers, schedules and relationships.  We’re all worried about the same things.

At the end of the day, we are all the same.  

We all have excitement and fear.  We all have places in our lives that need sorting out.

Mostly, we all need to know we’re not alone.  

Hear me today sister, as long as you’re willing to show up and get to the good stuff, the stuff that wakes you up and scares you a little. . .

You’ll find, you are never alone.

to more love,


P.S.  Last chance.  If you’re local, come join us tonight, Tonia’s story might just be for you.  Check it out right here.

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