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Each year, our school hosts “The Living Museum”.   The kids pick an interesting person from history and read a biography about them.  They memorize notes about them.  Then on the day of the Museum, they dress up like their character and share their memorized story with everyone who passes by their booth.

The whole process can be quite intimidating for them.

This year, Oaks chose to be JFK.  So we’ve been reading his biography and it’s intriguing.  The dynamics of his family life, like always bing the younger, scrawny, sick one, combined with the experiences of his teenage years, so clearly shaped him into the man he needed to eventually become to be president of the United States.   He wasn’t the “favored” one.  He was the wild-eyed passionate one, with a hankering for climbing trees and getting into mischief.  Everyone always said his brother, Joe Jr., would be the president one day.

But clearly, everyone was wrong. 

Last night as we read, this quoted exchange of letters between “Jack” and his dad while he was away at college that struck me so profoundly.

Jack: Dad, I’ve definitely decided to stop fooling around.

Joe Sr.:  After a long experience sizing up people, I definitely know you have the goods and can go a long way.  Now aren’t you foolish not to get all there is out of what God has given you?  After all, I would be lacking, even as a friend if I didn’t urge you to take advantage of the qualities you have.

Not long after that exchange, Jack joined the Navy, and earned a purple heart for his courageous service in WWII.  It wasn’t until after his decided to make history through politics by connecting deeply with people.  While his contenders were schmoozing in the “smoke-filled back rooms of partisan politics”, Jack walked the streets, going door-to-door listening, and learning.  Doing what Jack Kennedy did best, building relationships.

The rest is history.

John F. Kennedy got all there was out of what God gave him.  He saw his contenders, he saw the landscaped path ahead, and he chose to forge a new path instead.  He took advantage of the qualities he had, instead of trying to acquire the qualities of his brother or campaign like the seasoned politicians before him.  By no means was he a perfect man.

But he was unapologetically, himself.  

I wonder what the world would look like if more of us chose to forge a new course?  What if you looked ahead, at the groomed way before you, and decided to wonder off into the bushes, creating a new path instead?

What if you decided to get all there is out of what God has given you? 

After all, I would be lacking as a friend, if I didn’t urge you to take advantage of all the incredible qualities, only you have. 

Don’t look to the right or left at the talents your sister has.

Get all there is out of the unique person you are.

Let the rest be history.

to more love,


P.S. Tomorrow is the day!  It’s not too late to bring your girlfriends and circle up with other women who intend to get all there is out of who they were made to be!

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