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We had such a lovely night last night at the GNO, as evidenced by these beautiful smiling faces!  Tonia shared wonderful tips with us about creating systems and processing to keep things Sorted Out on a daily basis, being the key element to keeping our spaces organized.  

As I reflected on that, I realize, the same idea applies to the other areas of our lives. 

The same rules apply to our schedules, our relationships, our careers. . . all the areas of our lives that tend to feel chaotic at times.   NONE of them can get sorted out overnight.  They’re meant to be nurtured, cared for and tended to, daily.

If you want more from your career, start by:

  • Getting clear about why you work
  • Prioritizing that value as it relates to your daily life
  • Doing the very next right thing each day – you’ll know what that is

If you want healthier relationships, start by:

  • practicing daily gratitude for the parts that are good
  • start by apologizing daily, for the times when you’re wrong
  • Start by showing up daily expecting and nurturing the best in the other person.  

If you want a calmer schedule start by:

  •  Deciding what’s most important to you today, this week, or this month and scheduling that first
  • Saying an honest and empathetic NO instead of a guilt ridden yes
  • Creating daily margin for reflection and self-care

Just like you can’t wait until the moment you’re holding a cigarette in one hand and a lighter in the other to decide you’re going to quit smoking.

You have to decide in advance, that you want your life to be sorted out.  

And you have to make choices towards that end, every day.

Why not start today?

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