You are my people

Planning, coordinating, and hosting a live event at scale each month may not seem like a big deal to most folks, but if you’ve ever done it, you know.  It’s a pretty huge undertaking for me and our small, but mighty team.  When we hire new folks, it becomes apparent pretty quickly if they’ve glamorized the idea of what it means to work in the “events” business.   It’s especially apparent if they’ve overly romanticized the idea of working in a business with a clear mission, to reconnect busy women to inspire the joy they crave and the courage to pursue their purpose.  Because at the end of the day, even while our purpose is the passion that fuels everything we do, running a growing business on a small budget is hard work.  It’s not glamorous.  (even if our posed photoshoot images imply otherwise!) The daily grind isn’t always fun.

But when you find your people, the work flows with a little more ease. 

The women in this picture are my people (along with a few from our team who aren’t pictured).  They stick around, even when things inevitably become chaotic, especially the week of the event, there’s a recognizable cadence.  There’s an underlying trust that even though we may not know what is going to come at us straight out of left field, we know each other.  We trust each other’s intentions.

We know no one is calling it quits until the work is done and done right. 

We’re hiring again (yay!) and so this week, while I was updating our HeartStories Team Manifesto, I was reminded of the intentionality with which we hire new people.  It begins with, “We expect only the good in each other.” Everything else we do falls under that umbrella.  That’s it.  That’s how we pull this thing off every month.  Sure, we invest blood, sweat, and sometimes tears, but we do it expecting only the best in one another.  We don’t question intentions.

They say that when you follow your passion, you will find your people. 

That’s true.  I believe them.  I’ve also learned that you find out who your people really are when you’re in the middle of the most challenging of circumstances.  When everything is harder than you expected.  When things are taking twice as long as you thought they would.  When you’re in the dip and it seems impossible to rise out of it, that’s when you look around to see who’s still there with you.

Those are your people.  

Anyone can be “your person” in high times when life is easy and the laughter is flowing.  It’s the ones who stay when the rowing gets hard.  It’s the ones whose faces you still see when everyone else has gone home.  Those are your people.

Take time this weekend to recognize them. 

Even if it’s just a quick note to say, “I see you girl.  You are my people.  Thank you.”

Putting that kind of love and appreciation out into the world will do you both good.

Here’s to my people.

You know who you are.  

to more love,


p.s.s.  Did I mention that we’re hiring? If you’re passionate about this journey we’re on to reconnect busy women to inspire the joy through Girls Nights Made Easy, and you’re up for giving it all you’ve got, we’d love to hear from you! Appy here.

*Fabulous lifestyle photography by Vanessa Corral.

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